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What factors determine a football’s apparent mass?

I play MRL (midwest regional league) and i become very nervous. in training sessions I do very well for the most part and stay calm but when we play mrl it’s on and off. Im afraid to mess up because i’ve been messing up and i think my coach will chew me out because i am going to move up and i keep making mistakes. I make bad touches, don’t get balls to my teammate , tooo much time on the ball and lose the ball, once i settle the ball i turn and don’t find a pass and then i panick and lose it (please tell me what to do in this situation specifically please) and my touch from balls in the air like punts are usually good but horrid in games! please help!

Hi, I would like to know any negative factors football has on the English society.

Manuel Neuer decided not to prolong its contract which runs until 2012 at Königsblauen. “I made this decision without being influenced by other factors.

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