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Personally I think that they are taking advantage of some people who genuinely can not find jobs and are forcing them to work for nothing. Also the stewards at the queens jubilee including some who were on the “work experience scheme” with a security company were dumped under a bridge in London with no money, shelter, privacy, or dignity. How could this be happening in modern society and is it a way to get cheap labour for the Olympics this year? feel free to state your opinion regardless of what it is thank you for reading and contributing

I’d like to play online versus others and stuff, but should I get FIFA 11 for a cheap price or is FIFA 12 really worth those extra bucks?

My boyfriend and I have been together for nine months and we both love e/o very much! But here’s the issue, for the last three months we have been going through b/c of things that he has done. He had twins and didn’t tell me until after they were born although its from a previous r/s I still feel like he should have told me…Not only that,he didn’t call or come see me for my birthday but called me a week later when he found out that his cousin and I had been talking as friends but his cousin flipped the script on me and turned our f/s into a nonexistent f/s b/c he began flirting. So when my b/f found out about it he called to try and catch me in a lie! Not to say happy belated birthday or to apologize for not coming to see me or calling me but to catch me in a lie!! So I offered to read every email to him and he said no I just wanted to see if you would deny it and then hung up… I was so hurt behind everything I moved across the country! After I left I emailed him about how bad he hurt me and how I couldn’t do it anymore. I told him how bad I felt when he took me to the movies and then left me there for awhole hour!!! He didn’t say where he was going or why he had to leave he just left.When he got back I was so angry and wanted to cours him out but I didn’t for 2reason’s! 1: I was in heels & 2: I was NOWHERE NEAR home! But he knew I was upset b/c we went to his friend house and he asked me if I was getting out of the car and I didn’t answer him, so when he got back in the car I asked him if he was taking me home yet b/c I had something to do in the morning, he asked me like what and I didn’t say a word! He kept trying to hold my hand but I kept moving it, he kept trying to make conversation but mum and I was the BEST of friends that night! I didn’t even take off my shades or look in his direction. After that night I didn’t hear from him for an entire month!! So when he read the eamil he replied with an apology about everything and explained everything.It all makes sense now, and we are back together But now for the pass 2weeks I have been having these dreams about me getting married to someone and then BOOM 12midnight (christmas) he purposed…I want to say yes b/c I can’t see myself with anyone else!! A football, basketball or hockey player could purpose to me and I’d turn them all down just for him (& believe me I love me some basket & football & hockey players!!!) He’s flying in soon & he is expecting an answer when he gets here what should I do??? Should I accept or decline???

long story short I’m about to sleep for 3 hours (hopefully) then get up and tailgate for a football game, probably gettin my drink on at 12-1pm. I won’t if I’m really not feeling it but yea.
should I be prepared to feel like I’m going to fall asleep? any advice appreciated thanks

Mine so far: I’m in my senior year and i’m starting to notice how many people I dislike. I have alot of friends and a close group of people I hang out with over the weekend, but I notice how annoying alot of girls are, and how much I dislike the ravers, some cheerleaders/ football players, etc etc etc.

I am about to be a feshman at my highschool and i was wondering if I should play lacrosse in spring without any prior experience. At the moment im doing cross country (soccer didnt work out) and Ive done track and xcountry every year of middle school so im relativly fast and have good endurance. Im short for a freshman about 5’4, 5’5. My highschool is huge (about as big as a small college) but not many people play lacrosse from what ive heard only 2 people got cut last year. Honestly from what people have told me that people who never played lacrosse before made it last year but im just wondering if im to small to play because its an aggresive sport (almost as much as football) and if i were to play what position could i be. Thanks

i made my elementary schools team in 6th grade
i had only played in a team that same year for my first time, barely any experience
all the older kids said i couldnt make it but i did

He’s been playing Ayso for 5 years and recently took up playing indoor soccer with a group of buddies. He loves going to these indoor soccer games but at times the game is tough for him because the group of buddies and the teams they play against all play club soccer, so they are highly trained and have far better skills at times. My son is a defender, and when he has played in regular recreation soccer (AYSO) he is always their main defender(usually the best one and never sits the bench). But from watching club soccer players his age, I know he has a lot to learn still. Recently I found out about a club team (Bronze division, bottom of club leagues) and he has the opportunity to train with professional soccer player coaches. They offered me to take him to practice and see how he does. The thing is my son doesnt seem too excited because he will have to miss his fun indoor soccer games because he will be training with this new team. As a parent, I know that the most important part of the game is for him to have fun. But, it also breaks my heart and its frustrating when he gets upset with himself when he cant play at a certain level other kids his age can, because they are more advanced. My thing is, I know my son loves playing soccer and loves to play it for fun, but I know that the older he gets , the more competitive the teams will get, and he is not going to like sitting the bench if he doesnt start acquiring the proper skills now.

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