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I am an Arsenal supporter that has recently moved to Poland and am wondering how easy it is to get hold of tickets for away fans for any games that we should play on the continent in either Champion’s League games or Europa League games (should we find ourselves in that competition at some point in the 2013/14 season).
Obviously, I would want to see Arsenal playing if possible; however, should a conveniently located game occur that involves any of the English teams in Europe, I may potentially consider going to one of them also. So, although this question refers predominantly to Arsenal games, any answers involving the other top 5 teams in the Premier League last season (I’m not so bothered about Wigan/Swansea) would also be appreciated.
Ideally, Arsenal would reach the Group stages of the champions league and draw a Polish team in their group; however, Legia Warsaw are the only Polish team able to qualify and they still have Molde in the 3rd qualifying round (probably a 50/50 game) followed by an as yet unknown side in the Play-offs – should they beat Molde. There would then be the small matter being lucky enough to draw the same group. So, the chances of playing them in the Champions League are small, but it would be good. The reason I bring this up though is that Legia Warsaw wouldn’t necessarily be the biggest draw to most UK-based Arsenal supporters, so I am guessing that it might be easier to get a ticket as demand for tickets might be lower (although so might be the Arsenal allowance of tickets). Does anyone know if the “smaller” clubs are easier to get tickets for and, if so, how much easier.
Lastly, I would ideally want to go through proper channels to get a ticket (so not from a ticket tout outside the game etc) but I wouldn’t want to pay an extortionate amount either, ideally.
Thanks for reading and thanks for any answers.

I was wondering if i ordered an American ps4, for use in England, would an English fifa 14 work on it? I know Sony said it is not region locked, but would i play Americans online? Would the English version play on an American console? It would just save me money if it did, that’s all

of course why not enlish league is the most popular league in the world and not including it will be an very big issue

It is going to be an English side…
Country where the Champions League final was held and the next seasons winners:
08/09 the final was held in Rome/Italy, the UEFA Champions League winners of the next season (09/10) were Inter Milan.
09/10 the final was held in Madrid/Spain, the UEFA Champions League winners of the next season (10/11) were FC Barcelona.
10/11 the final was held in London/England, the UEFA Champions League winners of the next season (11/12) were Chelsea FC.
11/12 the final was held in Muenchen/Germany, the UEFA Champions League winners of the next season (12/13) were FC Bayern Muenchen.
12/13 the final was held in London/England, the UEFA Champions League winners of the season (13/14) are going to be…?
What European club is going to win the UEFA Champions League trophy next season?

2 Uefa Cups (1973 , 1976)
2 European Cups (back-2-back btw….1977 , 1978)
Another way to look at this era of sheer dominance – FOUR EUROPEAN HONOURS IN 6 YEARS.
And I didnt even mention the DOMESTIC SUCCESS we enjoyed in that period….
Worthy of recognition and respect. Fergie couldn’t match that.

2005- Liverpool(CL)
2006- Arsenal(CL), Middlesborugh(UEFA)
2007- Liverpool(CL)
2008- Man United and Chelsea(CL)
2009- Man United(CL)
2010- Fulham(EL)
2011- Man United(CL)
2012- Chelsea(CL)
2013- Chelsea(EL)
Not so weak Prem

It’s all because Liverpool are not in CL, if Liverpool were in CL then at least 1 English team would have been in quarter finals. 5 times CL glory.

FA Youth Cup (1): 1998–99
Premier League (4): 2006–07, 2007–08, 2008–09, 2010–11
Football League Cup (1): 2009–10
FA Community Shield (4): 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011
UEFA Champions League (1): 2007–08
FIFA Club World Cup (1): 2008
PFA First Division Team of the Year (1): 2003–04
I know nobody playing at the moment can come close to how great he is but has england ever had anyone as good as carrick?

I found it astonishing that PL fans want to flip things around when UEFA is in love with England. DId Wembley not host the CL final like 3 years ago? Why are they hosting it again? Well it’s because of the 150th anniversary of the FA you say, how long have they known that the anniversary would in 2013? Don’t insult people’s intelligence; if anything is fixed is UEFA love for anything English. ******* joke!

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