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I’m going to the London Olympics but I want to know what beer I should drink without looking like a tourist …… Newcastle …,,

Yes definently. It gives you lots of energy especially the blue ones. So does gatorade

if you do sports (example: football) is that good if you drink cola? I mean performance or something.

Best Post Workout Protein Drink?

Im 15 and play football( running back and linebacker)
weight-170 height 5’8″
bench 215 squat 350
Im looking for a new protein that really shows results. i want to gain a good 10lbs in muscles before summer practice starts. also i want good gains in my lifting. so the best protein that you can recommend
also with what results i want should it be more of lean muscle building protein or more of a mass building protein.
How should the protein be taken(like how many times and other stuff)
in addition, is it better to only take protein after workout or should i get one that is ment to be taken a few times a day?

Hey guys. I’m a 21 year old male (my birthday was a month ago), and recently everyone’s been on my back about going to bars so frequently.
On average, I go to the bar 3/4 times a week. Out of those 3/4 times, I only get ‘HAMMERED’ on one of those occasions. Now I’ve got my bestfriends mom (who tends bar there) telling me I’m going out too often, and frankly I don’t want to hear it.
I like going to the bar to hangout with everyone, not to just drink. Even though I’m younger than everyone that goes there, I fit in with the bar folks. I’m not talking about the hardcore town drunks, I mean normal people who are regulars there. I’m not into the crazy college bars, I’m a fan of the hole-in-the-wall town bars. It’s people I know, and there’s NEVER any trouble. It’s just what I enjoy.
I also really enjoy a cold beer, not just the effects of drinking it. I think people misinterpret that. Just last night, I sat with an older man named Pete for almost 5 hours talking about the Orange Bowl, and football in general. I had the time of my life.
Some people enjoy going to the movies, shopping at the mall, or going out bowling. I happen to enjoy frequenting the local bars to socialize. Please tell me where I am wrong doing so?
Thanks for your opinions, guys.

That has got to be false. Beer and Football go together better than Peanut Butter and Jelly. There might be something at BYU or other mormon College but not the NFL – only family sections in the stadium where drinking is frowned upon.

I’m about to drink a gallon of water. Is that good or bad? Lol. I just want to do really good tomorrow. I never am really hydrated so I figured this would do it. Any tips or thoughts? Thank you.

even if they are played at same stadium(different days) ie at the millenium stadium or the madjeski stadium


As of lately, i have been very much into sports, i play soccer and want to keep a good fitness level at all times. In addition to that, i like feeling good and healthy, breathing deep, having a clear mind. I feel like life is more enjoyable when you are physically well. This is why i have drastically reduced the amount of alchohol i consume. Reasons are obvious, alchohol makes me feel bad the next day, i feel like dehydrated, i get headaches, heartburn and etc. Thats why i keep to max. 4-6 beers a week. This seems to annoy people for some reason. I usually face statements such as “come on be a man” “stop acting so mature” “you are so whiney” “are you religious?” “alchohl is good for you” etc etc. I feel quite annoyed by these comments; its not like i tell them not to drink. Why is not drinking beer/alchohol socially unacceptable???

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