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How Do You Drain Blood From A Nail?

I was playing football a couple of weeks ago and my friend stepped on my big toe. at first I didn’t notice until I took a shower that night. There is a little red dot and I want to get rid of it. I never felt pain, and it never got swollen. Do I have to go to a doctor?

I’m coaching a youth football team and the field we’re practicing on always puddles up when it rains. Because of that, we never practice if it rains.
My question (I have no knowledge of this really) is, would a french drain fix this problem. I know water flows to least resistance, but is it the best idea? Also, how would you do it? I was thinking of running the french drain across the middle of the field (100 yards long) and then have the drain run from the middle towards the sidelines and then into the woods. Does that make sense or would you need to have the drains were the puddles form?
Knowledgeable comments too please, whether or not this would work and what the best way to do it would be great. Also an idea of how much it might cost for materials. If we can get volunteers to do it, great. Otherwise it would be a landscaper. But I’d rather ask on here before going to the board of the team and all that.
Thanks everyone!!

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