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^ Just that …
I see Origin is selling the game for £14:99, I wanna try it to see if its any good for me.

Many games I can’t find on xbox live, does it take time from the official release and being launched on xbox live?

How Can I Watch Fifa 13 Wii Demo?

i want to see what fifa 13 looks like on wii but i can’t find any videos on youtube to see. where can i find a video to watch wii demo

The MatchDay thing on my FIFA 13 demo hasn’t updated since I downloaded the demo- is it supposed to do it more often or is this the same for everybody? Another thing, EA Sports said that they were going to add Santi Cazorla to Arsenal in the game but he still isn’t there for me- just want to know if anyone else has had him and I have to download an update or something that I’ve missed. Thanks.

Song From Fifa 13 Demo?

Does anyone know the name of it, one of the lyrics was I’m on top of the world

Fifa 13 Demo Song???????????????

Hey Guys!
Don’t know any of the words, but it keeps saying ‘eh’ or ‘ay’ at the end of every line in the chorus bit :)

i get a similar error when i click play match inside fifa 13 for PC. demo not working..plz help!!!!!!!!!

i live in lebanon, i dont know if that matters but maybe. i downloaded it but whenever i start it up it says AN ERROR OCCURED DURING THE START OPERATION what do i doooo?????

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