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The previous years FIFA has come out at sainsburys there has been a deal like spend 50 pounds in store and get FIFA for £25. I wondered if anybody had heard of this sort of deal happening this year?

Manchester United look set to sign Wesley Sneijder from Inter Milan for a cut price £25 Million. The highly rated Dutchman is said to be on the move after Inter Milan failed to qualify to the Champions League after finishing a lowly sixth in Serie A
Sneijder is not short of suitors with German Champions Borussia Dortmund and Chelsea also on high alert but the lure of Old Trafford would be too good to resist for the Dutchman.
The stumbling block though would be his £220,000 a week wages which United are unwilling to match. However United are prepared to pay £170,000 a week and incentives based on performances.
Sir Alex Ferguson looks to sprinkle stardust to his young squad and sees signing Sneijder as a statement of intent to newly crowned Champions Manchester City
The Manchester United manager is also in for Nicolas Gaitan, Nathaniel Clyne , Shinji Kagawa and Leighton Baines in what could be a busy summer at Old Trafford
Fringe players Kuzsack, Bebe, Fabio Da Silva, Federico Macheda all look set to leave with Darren Fletcher possibly announcing a pre mature end to his career. Sneijder’s arrival would also mean the end of Anderson’s Old Trafford dream with Porto keen to take back the Brazilian for around £8 Million.
Q: Do you think Sneijder would be a good signing?

Uncle Phil also landed his Nike the contact to make the Euro 2012 jerseys (though they look like they were made by the convicts on his U of Oregon football team). Is Uncle Phil spreading a little forced Real Madrid love among UEFA refs?

I am very confused with all of these UEFA Leagues. I don’t really understand the Champions League and how teams qualify for it, but the other UEFA things like the Europa League and Super Cup I just have no idea where to start. And then what’s the deal with UEFA Cup Winner’s Cup? I guess I really want to know how teams qualify for each of these leagues/cups and what they really count for.
Also I understand how teams from the EPL qualify for the Champions League (The top 4 finishers in the league), but what about these other random Swiss and Russian teams? How do they get in?

How Should I Deal With This Problem?

So i like this guy named Austin, and were really good friends, and he gives me like 1 or 2 hugs a day, and i really like him. he knows i like him, and he doesn’t like me like that he told me, but said like when we were in high school, that maybe we could date, Because we’ve known each other for most of this year, but don’t know each others SUPER SUPER well, and there’s a dance coming up in like a week or two, and i was going to ask him to go with me as friends, but this girl Kalista is going to ask him, and Kalista is really rude and cocky, and im afraid im going to be too late. should i ask him now, or wait till the week of the dance, or should i not ask him at all.
if it helps, i have thick brown hair that goes down to my shoulders, and green eyes with hints of brown. im 13 and im so so athletic. im debating between cheer and baseball. Austin has red hair that’s short, but its long enough that you cant gel it, he has alot of freckles and has blue eyes. hes athletic, and plays football for the high school team i would cheer for. (its the pee wee teams btw) and hes 12, turning thirteen next month.
please answer i need alot of help :)

Why Is Cricket Such A Big Deal?

soccer i can understand. one of the cheapest sports ever everyone plays it. basketball craze is US, Europe, and Asia.
now that just brings football (US) and cricket (India? Pakistan?).
With football (US), you have $$$ millions of viewers and cash commercials, plus smokin’ hot cheerleaders.
with cricket you have….what? suped-up baseball? and we all know baseball isn’t even a real sport…

My boyfriend and i have been dating for almost 4 years. We pretty much get along all the time because i dont let things get to me, unlike him. I am very good at letting things go and just crossing my fingers that it wont happen again. He has really up and down moods though. When he doesnt win a football game he takes it out on me for a good couple days. He recently got hurt and cant play for a really long time, so pretty much once a week he gets in these moods. Sometimes he will be in a great mood, and then just like that he is being a total jerk to me. All i feel like i can do is be there for him and be positive, but sometimes that gets exhausting. I broke up with him last year and then i decided to give him a second chance and things got so much better. But now that he is injured, the moods started again and they just become so hurtful. He is an amazing boyfriend, and we get along so well, he is funny and has a great future ahead of him. When things are going well for him then im treated right, but i never will know when that will be! And im having a problem with thinking that in the future, everytime sometime difficult in life comes along then im going to be shut out again. Like i said, im really good at just dealing with stuff and not letting it bother me, or at least not let it show that it does. But all of this just makes me feel so distant from him and i just dont know what to do! I feel like he sacrifices nothing for me because all i have ever done is change for him. I just want to know if its worth staying with him for…

Cristiano Ronaldo for David Silva+20 million? Personally, I’d LOVE to see this happen as a Madrid fan. What do you guys think?

Jose Mourinho is set to offer midfielder Esteban Granero to Chelsea as the Real Madrid boss raises the stakes in his bid to finally sign Frank Lampard. The 33-year-old is not a guaranteed starter under current Chelsea chief Andre Villas-Boas and was left out of last week’s vital Champions League win over Valencia.
Villas-Boas preferred the look of a younger engine room and played Raul Meireles, Ramires and Oriol Romeu.
So Mourinho is hoping Villas-Boas will want 24-year-old Granero – a former Spain Under 21 international.
WOW, Who else would love to see this happen?

I suspect troubles with my wife, who I LOVE more than anything… Not sure if this has anything to do with it, but she is white and blond, and I am an African American…
I recently found out that she was cheating on me with a waiter from a restaurant that we often frequent… I am going out of my mind!
I haven’t been this mad since my football playing days! I really don’t know what to do!
All I have been doing is walking the streets in my Bruno Magili’s… I’m so upset, that my gloves don’t even fit anymore… What can I do to teach them both a lesson, and get peace of mind? Please Advise…

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