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Anyone else see similarities for his response to the terr0rist att@cks in Libya and Egypt?

Euro 2012

Spanish: Is This Correct?

¡Hola! Es un gran día porque es sol y calor. Londres es un lugar magnífico y eso es porque Londres tiene preciosos monumentos. Este año, Londres es la ciudad de los Juegos Olímpicos. Que bueno! ¿Necesitas ir al baño? A continuación, utilice los baños públicos que se encuentran fuera del Estadio Olímpico. Si usted se lastima, por favor llame al 999 y luego la ambulancia vendrá a ayudar a usted o si usted tiene un pequeño problema que requiere un médico, por favor, tomar el autobús y bajar en East London Hospital. Tome todos los cuidados y mantener a salvo! Y también, disfrutar de los Juegos Olímpicos!
Hello! It’s a great day because it is sunny and hot. London is a great place and that is because London has beautiful monuments. This year, London is the city of the Olympics. Great! Need to go to the bathroom? Then use the public restrooms that are outside the Olympic Stadium. If you are injured, please call 999 and then the ambulance will come to help you or if you have a small problem that requires a doctor, please, take the bus and get off at East London Hospital. Take care everyone and keep safe! And also, enjoy the Olympics!
Please can you check if they match and if there is anything wrong then please can you adjust the problems by copying and pasting the spanish text and then making the changes.
Thanks! Muchas Gracias!

I’m trying to say:
Next year I will go to France with my parents and my sister. We will leave at five o’clock and travel by train. We will stay in Paris in a hotel with a beautiful view that I will really like. The rooms will not be very spacious, but I will share my room with my sister even though she annoys me! When we arrive, my sister and my father will play football, so my mother and I will go swimming in the sea. It will be fantastic! The next day my family and I will go to a history museum, because it fascinates me, but unfortunately it will be closed! Later, we will eat at the restaurant and then return to the hotel. The next three days we will go to the beach so I will read a fantasy novel and relax. My holiday in France will be magnificent!
This is how I think it’s said:
L’année prochaine, j’irai en France avec mes parents et ma sœur. Nous partirons à cinq heures et voyagerons en train. Nous resterons à Paris dans un hôtel avec une vue belle que j’aimerai bien. Les chambres ne seront pas très spacieuses, mais je devrai partager ma chambre avec ma sœur même si elle m’agace ! Quand nous arrivons, ma sœur et mon père joueront au foot, alors ma mère et moi irons nager dans la mer. Il sera fantastique ! Le lendemain, ma famille et moi irons à un musée de histoire, parce que ça me passionne, mais malheureusement il sera fermé ! Plus tard, nous mangerons au restaurant et puis retournerons à l’hôtel. Le trois jours suivants nous passerons à la plage donc je lirai un roman fantastique et me détendrai. Mes vacances en France sera magnifique !
Thanks for any corrections and advice:)

Hodgson’s appointment has been met with outrage ………from Redknapp’s mates in the media and the Scousers ofc
Lets see…these people – the media (Alan Hansen & Co.) were rubbishing the credentials of Fergie once….and look what happened
the Scousers think Kenny is a good manager…they arent the best judges are they
‘Arry is as tactically inept as they come. Even a lot of Spurs fans agree with me. He played Bale through the middle ffs..and the gem of playing Modric on the left was unbelievable! ……….and ofc VdV on the right…yet another master stroke
Cannot get a proper defence to save his life…lol Redknapp can play well if he has a first XI..
Woy can play well if he has a mediocre team
lets face it some of England’s talents are mediocre and they need a senior figure who’ll guide them and not be too stern.
The problem would arise only because of the bad eggs (Stevie ME, JT, Rio)..dont take them and England will be fine
WOY will make England a force in Euro 2012 – mark my words. His cautious approach may not work in club football but in international football, it will.
He shall lead England to atleast the Quarter Finals.
Roy FTW!!

As my name would suggest, I am far from Barca’s fan but its more due to their diving antics, corruption with UEFA etc
Their style of football is the correct form of football. There is no doubt about that because it combines attack and defence (“as long as you have the ball, your opponents cant score”).
We tried playing the Barca way but it was only possible for 30 minutes. After that we just ran out of stamina or our players couldnt pass the ball as they were tired of pressing tactic
Its probably the hardest style of football …heck its so difficult to keep possession even in PES .
They may be a bunch of cnuts but the football they play is the correct way acc to me, what do you think?

Can You Correct My Sentence?

I need you to corrrect my grammar mistake
” We haven’t used to Barcelona loses in The Champions League ”
I mean “used” like “accustomed to”
Is that Ok!!

“The defendant said that he had simply forgotten about the football match, and insisted that he was not changing his story”.
(he said that we wasn’t lying)

Champs List:
J1: football soccerboy (15 goals)
J2: pimpin’ (22 goals)
J3: Cazador de malditos (20 goals)
J4: Hector Moreno (19 goals)
J5: CUDDLY BEAR (26 goals) but chose 27 and santos
SaintS LXX and CUDDLY BEAR TIED because 26 is in beween 25 and 27
but SaintS LXX said atlas would score more goals and cuddly said santos would score more goals
santos scored more goals than atlas thats why CUDDLY BEAR wins jornada 5

Do These Sentences Sound Correct?

1. Brazil is playing Italy in football.
2. Brazil is playing Italy for football.
3. Brazil is playing Italy at football.
4. Brazil is playing Italy in a football match.
8. Brazil is playing Italy for a football match.
9. Brazil is playing Italy at a football match.
10. Brazil is playing in the finals.
11. Brazil is playing for the finals.
12. Brazil is playing at the finals.

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