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work work do the family proud and marry a rich man

The one that bugs me is “soft hands” when talking about marking ability, and used in yesterdays news report re the Swans proposed 2013 International Rookie, a 196cm US college basketball star.

lol. Jokes aside, you can find me in the English Football Section. That is where the real football takes place.

Nothing In Common! What Should I Do?

I have just joined a new school and I am shy (am a boy). I like listening more to people. I have moved around a bit in the past and know how it works but this is the first time I am going to an international school. My grade is fairly small as they all hang out in the same place. I hang out there as well but I have nothing in common with them. I am a relaxed guy, who is serious with studies and likes playing football (soccer) and cricket. I also like listening to music. The problem I think is that these guys all originally come from their countries of origin. I am not, I am a British Pakistani who lived in Australia for 6 years before moving to UAE.
Can someone help me out with this problem?

I met this girl, and we went on a first date. The date had its share of first date hurdles/awkward parts, but overall it went really well. She even commented at the end of the date how much fun she had and that I should call her soon. We kissed and left it at that. I texted her the next day saying that I had a good time and we should hang out again soon. She texted back and agreed! I then called her the next day, left a message and we played phone tag for a few days until we finally connected 5 days after the first date. She was going with her friends to watch a football game and hinted at me going, but never asked me to go, I, instead, asked her out for another day and she said yes. She then, the next day, proceeded to text me to ‘reschedule’ of the date I asked her on, and I have not heard from her since. She had a pretty busy schedule so, I understood her needing to reschedule, but do you think it is over with? I can’t imagine that we could go from a good date possible second date, to nothing?!? Would she do that?
I was just wondering if this is a common thing that happens, I am just getting back into dating and was curious.

I am left handed for just about everything (with the exceptions of guitar, using a computer mouse, and I can use either foot in soccer even though I’m absolute rubbish at it anyway) except I’m right-eye dominant. Is this common for left-handers or are most left-eye dominant?
There’s no specific reason for me asking this because I’m not into archery or shooting or anything like that, I was just curious.

Hi, right now I am a college sophomore and I have trouble keeping up with my peers’ & friends’ conversations in many areas. I feel that even though my major is in physics and I am really good at it, I don’t know much else besides this area. I would like to know more in the common realm, in a diverse manner, such as these topics (but not limited to these):
- General (celebrities, music, culture, TV, movies, etc)
- Life (home ownership, pets, travel, vacation areas, etc)
- Economy & Politics (international, national, etc)
- Sports (football, basketball, baseball, etc)
- Anything else that is considered ‘common knowledge’
Is there any website, online magazine, or news aggregate that I can access online, that basically fits these categories in a broad fashion? I’m not looking for separate ones that are specific to certain topics, but possibly just 1 or 2 that can get me a little bit more exposed into the “real world” (sounds funny saying that). This is so that I’ll have more to say in my conversations with college friends and won’t be the one who is silent all the time :X

No. The women have enough sense to not be rolling around on the ground like they were just shot with a deer rifle!

Why Is Sexism So Common?

I see boys discriminating girls all the time just because of their sex. Why is that?
I was watching some kids (including my sister) play in a park when there are these boys who offer everybody except the girls to play football. Sexist?

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