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i was just wondering because you know how the web app comes out earlier i wanted to buy fifa points on my ps3 using fifa 13 but would it get transfered to fifa 14

I’m thinking about using a couple of dollars on the team to buy packs but I don’t know if its worth it or if I should wait for fifa 14.

I hadn’t invested in fifa until this year, more of a pes man since 2001 or 2002 until recently.
Having tried ultimate team, I have a few questions regarding its longevity (into fifa 14).
I’m not expecting anyone to tell me exactly what will happen (as the transition to fifa14 is in the future), however… based on previous transitions, I hope there is a precedent which people can share.
Do my squads/players carry over? What about coins?
If the team does carry over, I’m assuming it would be with new ratings, is this a fair assumption?
Anything else important I should be aware of in regard to previous transitions?

I will be buying Fifa 14, GTA V, COD and a few other new games but the Ps4 comes out around that time so will i have to buy all the games again?

Get GTA 5. Fifa gets released every year. GTA is too epic to let go! It has a lasting value as well due to the multiplayer. You won’t regret getting GTA 5. I think that GTA 5 will be out much earlier than FIFA 14.

Knowing Chepo’s very competitive mindset, I think Chepo will chose other defenders that are struggling to play in Europe (Most likely Diego Reyes since he will be playing in Porto). I don’t think Chepo wants someone with Maza’s mindset, that is why he stopped calling Rafael Marquez. Rafa went to Red Bulls for money and his level of play when down a lot. Rafael Marquez had a chance to play for Juventus but he went to New York instead. Que pendejo. I doubt Rafael Marquez will play in the next World Cup. Same thing with Maza. His level of play will go down a bit. He will get more playing time but the level of competition in Mexico and Germany are different. I don’t know why these players quit so easily. I was also disappointed with Carlos Salcido when he left Fulham for Tigres when his level was really good. I use to wish Maza good luck but now since he betrayed Chivas, the club that started him and made him champion and transfered him to Europe, I wish him the worst of luck.

i think fifa is better he thinks assian cred is better,what do you think?

Fifa 13 Iphone App Comes Out When ?

as you know because the U.S. is at least 6 hours behind, for us it will be the 24th in terms of when they get it
I’m going to buy it on the 28th anyways but i want to have a head start, does anyone know how fast people upload torrents?
i’m a pc player so i don’t have the ability of 3 day early acess

Hi I was just wondering what players that I can get for cheap when FIFA 13 comes and be able to sell on for quite a lot later on?

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