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He was the previous coach of Portugal and took them to 4th place in the 2006 World Cup, and he was previously before today coach of Palmeiras of Brasil…

Chelsea had a poor domestic season and looks like they won’t make it to the Uefa Champions League if they lose the final to Bayern Munich.
Roman got rid of great coaches like Claudio Ranieri, Jose Mourinho, Avram Grant and Carlo Ancellotti just to win the Uefa CL.
Is Roman a joke?

I want to write a letter to head football coach Brian Kelly from the University of Notre Dame. i dont know how to reach him and i want to figure out a way to write him somehow. I want to play at Notre Dame and i think that it would help my chances if i wrote a letter showing my admiration for this prestigious University. additional tips on how to write my letter would be very much welcomed. thank you

Well we all know now that Petrino is a lying, thieving, cocky, cheating, sugar daddy… But who do you think that will take over the throne for the Arkansas Razorbacks?
Houston Nutt again possibly? .. Your thoughts

I’m a 25 year old, who used to play football for years. I would now love to coach a childrens football team, and really get back into following football? I live up north derbyshire, just wondered if anyone knew anything about where I should start?

I’m a physical Ed. Major at a community college. When I’m done with college all together, I want to teach high school p.e and coach high school football. I didnt play football in school due to strict Parenting rules. I plan to transfer to a university that offers classes at my community college. My community college doesn’t have anything for football. I could volunteer for a football team, but schedule is tight with cleve and work. I am doing gym teacher observatiOns at a high school for one of my classes. Should I ask the gym teachers there? Advice?

BQ: Should Kaka the user be removed on the Spanish football section?

Ok so after my elbow injury in august I was booted from my football team due to risk of re injury. Now that I’m on the tail end of rehab my doctor says ill soon be ready to hit the field and that my elbow should be back and stronger. So now I’m hungry to play but coaches see that I was hurt and don’t give me a chance to explain my self. Last year couch Hilton was begging me to play for him. Now that I want back into the arena football league, I want to play for Hilton. I want to send him a email that sounds professional so he knows I’m serious. So please help me!
More info: I played for the lions last year .
My injury was a hyperextention.
I play all over the field linebacker, tail and full back, QB, tide end, d end and nose gard.
I have trained since the cast came off and have improved my game.
I love to hit.
I get out of rehab in 7 weeks or half that because I’m doubling my visits
I’ve been working with my trainer on footwork, speed, and have been lifting almost daily

Im a freshmen in high school. I was the kicker and punter for my high school varsity football team because I was a good kicker and I could kick far. During the season, I got tackled when I was punting and I landed on my ankle(the foot I kick with) wrong and hard that I broke it. I was out for the whole season. I’m fine now, but I could no longer kick with that foot though. I’m 5’6 and 100 lbs. But coach doesn’t know what position is good for me because of my size. And I don’t want go to jv because I deserve to be on varsity. What position could I go for?

I Want To Become A Football Coach?

i want to become a football coach.wat r d courses to take and where to take the courses.
someone should give me a guide on this

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