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I came across an Illuminati Card Game, and it was released in 1995. It included a Combined Disasters card, and it showed a big clock tower falling on five people wearing the colour of the rings of the Olympics. Some people said it’s predicting that something bad is going to happen in London during the Olympics. :( I’m so scared that it’s really going to happen. :( Somebody help. Please.

Ha! FIFA 13 include that celebration please
OQ – How foolish are the “Barca’s era is over” clowns? Barcelona’s philosophy will be overcome when someone CONSISTENTLY beats them , not some one off victory
OQ2- If Real wins Champions League, Will Ronaldo get his Ballon D Or back from Messi?

I play MRL (midwest regional league) and i become very nervous. in training sessions I do very well for the most part and stay calm but when we play mrl it’s on and off. Im afraid to mess up because i’ve been messing up and i think my coach will chew me out because i am going to move up and i keep making mistakes. I make bad touches, don’t get balls to my teammate , tooo much time on the ball and lose the ball, once i settle the ball i turn and don’t find a pass and then i panick and lose it (please tell me what to do in this situation specifically please) and my touch from balls in the air like punts are usually good but horrid in games! please help!

I’m 18 but still have 1 year of high school left. I want to enlist before football camp to get it out of the way. Anyways my dad was yelling cussing he just can’t take the fact that I’m joining. My moms the same way giving me a bunch of crap. I need my paper work done for Friday if I want a chance at enlisting next week. My dads a contractor so he wants me to work with him but that type of work isn’t something I want to do for living. And I told him that 100 times. Also I’m not going to college right after hs. If I don’t like the army il get out after 4 years and use the gi bill but dad says i won’t make it that far. They expect me to live at home until I’m 30 basically. Should I ask the recruiter to come talk to them? Does that normally help? Also I already took the asvab so the recruiter said it will be an easy process from here. Thanks for reading and give your best advice.

Hi there,
I recently started playing football (soccer) for a new team. For the past 3 years I have played as a striker, however this season I want to play central midfield and I’ve been playing well enough in training to gain a start in our first game this season. However during this game every time I got the ball I was just kicking it away as I was afraid of making a mistake. The coach says he has faith in me, I don’t want to let him down. How do I stay composed on the ball during the game?

Tevez: “To pay attention”

Carlos Tevez invited Argentina to keep his calm aaprès no one vis-a-vis in Bolivia in match of opening of Copa America (1-1). “We know that it will be very difficult Copa.

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