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Back car window how much wold this cost

My ex broke up with me a little over a month ago (via email). I’ll admit I took it kind of personally that she chose such an indirect route and so I became cold and callous. Our interactions were not pleasant. In her email she stated that she WANTS to be with me but CANT be with me. Before we broke we were going through a rough patch and the vitriol (on my end) was giving her a sense of insecurity. I reflect on things now and know that my emotional immaturity got in the way and played a part in the whole thing. We have a 10 year old son together and our only communications (after the break-up) would only be about our son. Since, our interactions (because we still have to see each other regarding our son) were ‘somewhat’ friendly, but seemed forced. I agree that we are probably nervous in seeing each other, but we have been cordial and nice towards each other. But the past 2 weeks she has reached out to me for just odd reasons. One was she met a recruiter that was looking for someone in my field and she gave him my contacts. I live in NYC and she lives in CT and the job was in CT. I just found it rather confusing that she would try to refer me to a job in CT. She calls me at my office (which she NEVER did after the break) and tells me all about this job and the opportunity. However, before we broke up, my intentions were to move to CT with her and my son. In the end I met with the recruiter and decided not to pursue because of the distance I had to travel between NYC and CT on a daily basis.
Secondly, she emailed me out of the blue yesterday about football- one of the fun things we found in common and always had a lot of fun with. Her team- the Denver Broncos- had acquired Peyton Manning. So she was SO excited she decided to email me. My team- the Oakland Raiders- are bitter rivals of the Broncos. Of course, I playfully responded, ‘they still suck’, but she responded right away with…”I KNEW you would share my enthusiasm ;) ” and I left it right there.
I have to admit at least we are communicating on somewhat personal level now, but my intentions were to give her ‘space’ and not reaching out to her unless it involved our son. One of the things she said that she needed when we broke- “she needed time.” I am just a bit confused right now on what her intentions are. Can anyone give me some advice? Thanks!
Confused in NYC

I Think I Broke My Arm?!?

I already had a sprained/bruised wrist and I was wearing a brace. Then I played flag football and this girl grabbed my arm behind her back and bent it. It’s really swollen, black and blue, and I can’t bend it. Worst part is that my dad can’t afford to have me go to the doctor. What do I do?!

I mean Im looking at forbes and googleing things like angelina jolie and brad pitt have lots of money, and lil wayne seems to be rich the owner of google and businesses like bestbuy, apple, walmart seem to be rich and the football and basketball stars and even ashton kutcher is rich and ppl who talk on the news why is it we are broke if people have money it doesn’t make sense
like fifteen trillion in debt my dad says?

Well, last year i broke my finger playing football and it’s been like 2 years and it’s starting to hurt again? What’s wrong with it?

Well, last year i broke my finger playing football and it’s been like 2 years and it’s starting to hurt again? What’s wrong with it?

the couch?
or will he be offended or embarrassed to have to get help from his old mom to do such an easy thing

How To Know If You Broke Your Ankle?

Because my foot hurts really bad for the past like 3 days and i’ve been playing soccer (not the best idea) . But it swells every once in a while then stops, and then it hurts every once in a while and then stops. And my friends tell me they think its sprained or broken. It even hurts to walk on and I couldn’t do P.E. to day so who knows how im going to play soccer

I did go to a doctor after it happened and he said it healed but it pops a few times a day.

Thanks in advance! Well, I’m a varsity cheerleader in high school. One of our football players who tries his hardest, went to football camp, and went to the weight room everyday during the summer since his freshmen year (he’s a senior now), broke his leg the day before our first football game. He was also the varsity starting quarterback. Last night was our third game, and he looks so lonely, and sort of depressed. He’s manager of the football team though. All the cheerleaders want to do something for him to make him feel special, but none of us can think of anything good! Any ideas? Thanks!

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