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Let’s be champions Uefa Europa League

Nope. I am from Brazil and all the clergymen here are thieves. Well, almost all clergymen in any religion or part of the world are thieves, but the ones here cannot hide it well.

Would it be a good idea to invest in one or more airline companies in Brazil in anticipation of the 2014 World Cup?

-3 time player of the year
-fifa magazine footballer of the decade (2000-2010)
-2 time winner of european golden boot.
-3 time world cup winner
-3 consecutive world cup final appearances (94-02)
-All time top scorer in world cups
-scored 50 goals in a season(1996-97) at the age of 19.
-youngest winner of world player of the year 20 years.
-youngest winner of world cup golden ball (21 years)
-raked up more than £100 million in transfers.
-starter france football’s international ‘team of the century’
If he didn’t get injured frequently people would have thought he isn’t human.

Is there any bias? Qe I have a friend living in Scotland .. I have a curiosity what you guys think! I may be an idiot asking this, but I’m curious!

The club was the basis of Brazilian national team in World Cups 58 and 62,that Brazil was the champion,also gave the golden balls of these two World Cups,Didi in 58 and Garrincha in 62,the club is what most players gave to the Brazilian National team at all times,including in World Cups !!!
For this reason the club can be considered large? Despite of this players won titles of little importance in the club?
The team was relegated only once in the Brazilian league,was in 2002.

LOL GW, there are no weapons of mass destruction here – your generals already told you that.

Brazilian Football…..?

why is the Brazilian league considerably poor compared to the top European leagues. but yet they are able to produce world class players. same with the Argentinian league

Is The Brazilian Ronaldo On Fifa 11?

Is he on the new update ?

I am 6 foot 1 and I’ve never had a girlfriend and barely get girls at all. EVER. I havent kissed a girl in over a year and dont know anyone. I have maybe 2 friends and know 0 girls. At my last job, waitering, girls all called me gorgeous and whatever, but again I cant get a single girl. Girls call me intimidating and alpha male but no one will get involved with me romantically or even talk to me.
Girls dont smile at me or make eye contact with me ever. I always hear stories about guys getting smiles and eye contact, but I experience 0 of that. Girls think I get all the gorgeous model girls and in reality I get 0. I dont even have girls that flirt with me.
When I approach girls that all give me attitude and right away they dislike me. I’ve had girls say I am too “hot for them” and think they cant even get me.
Its getting really bad and I am getting depressed as hell. I try to go out and be friendly to people here…but it doesn’t work. I know this sounds like I am whining, but I have never vented about this ever.
All I want is a girl that will go to movies with me, concerts, beach, etc. And I cant get anyone. at all.
I live in DC by the way and everyone is unfriendly here as crap. I feel out of place as well wherever I go.

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