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Does everyone know Mitt Romney was born here because he “looks” American?
This from the Obama Administration:
“Throughout this campaign, Governor Romney has embraced the most strident voices in his party instead of standing up to them. It’s one thing to give the stage in Tampa to Donald Trump, Sheriff Arpaio, and Kris Kobach. But Governor Romney’s decision to directly enlist himself in the birther movement should give pause to any rational voter across America.”http://www.politico.com/blogs/burns-habe…
Was it a smart, politically smart, idea for Romney to bring up the Birther issue? Why would anyone question his place of birth unless they thought he wasn’t or at least didn’t look like an American? Is Mitt Romney trying to say that Obama doesn’t “look” American to, at least, the people that he knows? Or is he suggesting to his base that he want to show that he also has doubt that Obama is really an American because unlike him Obama has been questioned about his origins by people on the right because his background is more diverse and less euro-centric compared to past American presidents? When Mitt Romney says that Obama seems very “European” in his policies and the way he thinks he was trying to make his policies seem foreign to the audience. Now, rather than using “Europe” for his policies will he be lightly suggesting “Africa” for his very own background?

ok here it is:
my son is due in october 2012, same year as the Olympics came to London,,, I want something i can show him years on and he can keep as a memorabilia for 2012 the year he was born and the year of the London 2012 Olympics
What would you suggest?

I swear, i can name on top of my head such as neymar, gotze, miyaichi, lamela etc! there is so many of them

with 24 goals? UEFA does really love Messi by pushing all those goals in for him…
Guess who’s second?

Does My Family Wish I Was Never Born?

I’m a 12 yr old boy and I have had a lot of incidents in my life and now I feel that my family wishes I was dead. They say I’m a screw up and the stupidest one in our house. These incidents that I have were bad. Juvenile detention center, expulsion from school, and more. I have broken my arm, my nose two times, busted my head two times, and yesterday I had a huge allergic reaction to something unknown. It got hard to breathe and I started to swell up everywhere.after an hour I was rushed to the ER and was given pills. The first question my mom asked me was “where were you?” when I was at home the whole time. She asked me that because my parents found out that I used to smoke. They think I have mental issues, which I do not have. The only problem is that I have huge anger issues and I am volatile. My family doesn’t love me. They are never proud of me, even though I try my best to make them proud. I won 4 trophies and 6 medals and my parents never attended any competitions and neither of them have jobs. My dad is a priest but the hours that he’s praying were never at the times of my competitions. They didn’t even go to my 5th grade graduation even though I was the smartest kid there. They cuss at me and my dad called me a whiny ***** before. I cut myself because of the fact that I’m unwanted. I’m like a scab to them. They keep picking at me and picking at me and in six years they can get rid of me and it’s going to be a great day for them. I have anger issues and when they come out I can’t control it. I feel like a monster. I try to keep it in, but it comes out and I tend to hurt people. That is how I got expelled. Some kid threw something at me and I got mad so I grabbed him and threw him. I got juvie for getting in some huge fight where I was thrown through a car window, I broke a kid’s wrist, and I had a pack of cigarettes. I got out two months ago and my family now refuses to let me leave my house,but I sneak out and sneak in because there is a girl that I am in love with. She understands me. I’m a disgrace to my family. They disapprove of everything that I like. I like Rock music, tattoos, Rap music,free-running/parkour, and football. That’s it. I’m trying to fix up my life for this girl because she is worth it. My family doesn’t realize that people change, but they don’t care how much I change, they still won’t love me. Please help me and tell me what to do.

so there is this soccer player who was born in england to a spanish mother, and a mexican father. He is in controversy because he wants to play for the Mexican National Team (he is rightfully entitled to play there). I want to know his name….Thank you!

I am 17, female 5’4 and 132 lbs. I am not skinny. but I eat healthy, I play competitive soccer and run everyday, and drink alot of water. I definitely eat less than 2000 calories a day.
I have tried to lose weight. but cant. How are some people so skinny??

Only if you are a legal citizen of Nicaragua.

hi , i want to know that do these world famous soccer stars born with their ball tackling skills or do they have achieved them by long practice and hardwork ? if a person want to become professional soccer player like them , can he also achieve that much of skills by hardwork and self practice ? plzz help

I’m asking this question because my younger brother who’s entering the 8th grade wants to play football but he hasn’t played sports since probably the 5th grade…he is really fast, he kind of has my dads genes when it comes to athletics (my dad was a really good athlete in high school) but he is very small and undersized for his age..my parents keep telling me not to push him to play contact sports like football because he is still undersized but i keep trying to tell them that a) being undersized has nothing to do with how good of a player you can be and b) if we waited for him to magically grow a foot he’d probably be in college and besides that who knows he may not grow to be over six feet…am i wrong or right about this? he thinks he wants to be either a kicker or a WR but he’s afraid that the coach will bench him because of his size and weight..our coaches do kind of suck there at my brothers school, their the kind that’ll put their own sons and family friend’s kids in before the rest of the kids, no matter how much they suck..i know if my brother tried he could become decent but he isn’t just athletically gifted, he’s had to work hard at sports even on a little league level just to be okay at it..do you think he’ll have what it takes or no..? he’s about 5’1 or 5’2..thanks in advance!

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