Ok I may seem crazy but like the 11 sep. attacks there were many proofs it would happen before it , like the Illuminati card game and many comic books that showed an attack on trade towers before it happened , also in London 2005 bombings , it was predicted , now many movies showed the destruction of Big ben as V for Vendetta and The Illuminati card game has a card showing big ben falling and showing people dressed in Olympic colors!!!!! , also BBC made a series mocking as if london was attacked on the day of Olympics ,, also the Mascots of Olympics are one eyed “All seeing eye of Illuminati” and many advert of Olympics showing eyes and Masonic floors as well as an advert showing people pulling world contents and putting them together to form one content “The new world order” and showing a person destroying big ben as well!!
all that really scares me? will london stay London like before olympics?
no stupid comments plz