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This is context for question of what I mean, if you do not understand the question:http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-18233736
Asian (India) fans racially abused in Euro 2012 stadium
Racism at Euro 2012: Safety tips for Indian fanshttp://www.ciol.com/News/News-Reports/Ra…
The growing problem of Russian Racism-Indian Killed!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cA52YvI5W…
‘Racist’ attack in Germany, 8 Indians injured http://ibnlive.in.com/news/racist-attack…

How about a rally for the white boy in Kansas City Mo. who was attacked last week by two black kids and had gasoline poured on him ?? As the blacks lit him, they chanted”burn whitey”.
Doubt that happened?
Go ahead, check my facts!
Trayvon= A political football for the Obama people.
Obama can NOT possibly run upon record so things other than that need come into play.
Something is wrong about all this.

especially since di canio has took over?
considering he’s a self proclamied facist and an admirer of the nazi’s?

Wallabies Or All Blacks?

I know its the football section but its Rugby World Cup time and i’d like to know what u soccer/football fanatics think of the game.

According to Progress, Steed Malbranque passed its medical visit to Saint-Etienne this Wednesday afternoon. The French offensive medium of Sunderland visited the inhabitants of Saint-Etienne installations. Bound to Blacks Cats until June 2012, former Lyonese the 31 year old was authorized to meet Verts.Libéré of his last year of contract in Sunderland, it could, according to France Football, being presented officially to Saint-Etienne by the end of week.

Soccer, volleyball, pole vaulting, swimming, gymnastics, decathlons, bob sledding, tennis, water polo, speed skating, baseball, and rugby?
Is it a pretty high percentage of blacks that participate in these events and lose since certain babies feel they have so much to brag about?

It seems as if this myth originates from black sprinters and the high number of blacks in basketball and football. There doesn’t seem to be as many in baseball though. Correct me if I’m wrong. I’m not a huge sports fan.
But where are the black gymnasts, hockey players, soccer players, ice skaters, divers, swimmers, skiers, mountain climbers, surfers, bicyclists, tennis players, golfers, wrestlers, volleyball players, water polo players, rugby players, pole vault jumpers, discus throwers, decathletes, weightlifters, kickboxers etc.
Seriously every time i watch the Summer Olympic games, 90% of the events are dominated by whites or even Asian athletes. All i see blacks dominate in, is basketball and some running events, is that enough to claim racial superiority in sports? As for Winter Olympics, X-Games and Auto and Motor sports, i don’t even wanna go there.
Of course there may be a sizeable number of blacks in some of these sports, just as there are whites in the aforementioned. But they don’t dominate them. That’s the point. It’s whites who dominate the vast majority of sports. Maybe we just don’t like to hear that the truth is that whites are the ones who dominate sports too after all?

Rap, play basketball golf,football. Be president. That’s pretty much it

Olympics 2008, 19% of athletes black folks but only 10,6% of medals won by blacks (pretty much only in some running events and basketball) So overall blacks underachieve in terms of numbers!
Whites now made 48% of athletes and 66,7% of medals winners in all sports! Now that’s almost 20% more medals than our participation , so come and discredit the truth again with lame excuses :)
And oh yes, TONS of blacks participated in weightlifting, swimming, decathlon, discus, high jump, shot put, walking races, cycling, gymnastics, wrestling, soccer, volley, and so many other sports and were eliminated IN ROUND 1 OR 2.
So stop with the excuses, you participate in tons of sports, YOU JUST FAIL, that’s why you never see one in the finals in all those sports, they were eliminated early :) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2008_Summer…

Ok blacks got track , basketball and American football right?
Now whites got all the field events as discus , pole vault , javelin , swimming , gymnastics , all winter sports , all extreme sports , all sea sports , all auto and motor sports , cycling , triathlon , decathlon , tennis , golf (Tiger is the only non white great champ) , soccer (14 of the 18 world cups won by 100% white teams) , volley , water polo , handball , rugby , cricket , MMA , wrestling , strongest man competition , weightlifting , Kickboxing , rowing , surfing , skateboarding , damn i am tired 95% of sports to make a long story short!http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_mul…
So if blacks are so much better athletes like they say in the Anti- White country of the USA, why they win less than 10% of medals at the Summer Olympics and 1% of the medals in Winter Olympics?
We try hard to tone up the bruised ego of the black man in the US,don’t we guys?:)

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