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or ps3 and ps4 there pretty much going to be the same thing right?

This is hilarious. I would go with yournevergettinglaidagain

Two weeks from today on Saturday July 27th Bayern Munich travel to Iduna Signal Stadium in Dortmund to play Borussia Dortmund in a rematch of the UEFA Champions League for the German Super Cup.
Myself I am just ready for some real football so who will win the German Super Cup?

3 la liga titles
3 CL titles
1 World Cup
2 Euros
2 Clubs World Cup
2 Uefa super cup
5 Super Cup
Personal achievements: too many to name. Much more than zidane
UEFA player of the year (twice)
3 la liga titles
1 World Cup
1 Euro
1 CL
3 super cup
2 Uefa super cup
2 clubs World Cup
Personal achievements:
3 times best player of the year award

There will be very little difference, as with most sports games.

What is the difference between them?

Bayern Munich face hated Bundesliga rival Borussia Dortmund in the UEFA Champions League Final at Wembley and who will win and what will be the score?

15th May in Amsterdam to be more exact

And is it worth the extra money.

And is it worth the extra money.

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