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no foxtel!

I was just wondering who has competed in the females highjump for Australia and, if possible, which woman/women WILL be competing this year in London:)

…they will be competing on the home turf in London as subjects of Her Majesty the Queen? Is this fair to those countries whose athletes are not subjects of the Queen?

I’m 15, and I’m looking to improve my endurance a lot so I have better 3km, 2km and beep test results. What running do I do? How often do I run? How far? At what intensity? I’m training 2-3 times a week plus a game on the weekend, but I feel this isn’t enough for my endurance. Please help!!

How many Stanley Cups will Luongo win this year?

Australian Football ????

Are there any rules in this lol ? when i watched it all i saw was a round pitch with a bunch of guys playing what looked to be poor mans Rugby

Why Is Australian Football Boring?

why doesn’t anyone watch soccer here?

who support Liverpool. We’ve just emigrated from England to Melbourne and I miss my football

This is prompted by an answer by Shifty saying that his favourite part of footy was the magic moments, after a q by Yahoo about Didak.
I was wondering what your favourite part of footy is?? If you HAD to pick one
I think if i had to choose my favourite part would be the comebacks, just with the atmosphere and adrenalin and confidence that goes with it
your thoughts?

Thoughts? Opinions?

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