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Why is Turkey in the UEFA? I know a part of Turkey is in Europe but also a big part of Turkey is in Asia. Why are they part of UEFA and not part of AFC?

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I’m going to assume that nobody in Asia wants to be around Israel and thus for Europe, one of the problem creators to begin with, have taken them on due to pity.

Japan-Tadjikistan: 8-0!

Japan rolled Tadjikistan (8-0) at the time of the 3rd turn of the qualifications of the World cup, in the Asia zone.

Hey everyone,
just wondering if someone was to become a coach in Asia would they be able to get promoted to coach in Europe if their track record was really good after being a coach in Asia for some time ?
Or do they have have to go through a whole different process to be a coach in Europe ?
Just curious about this, if anyone knows that would be really helpful :)

Flat track bullies

I want to coach football (soccer if you are american) to kids in Asia. Which country would be best to do this?
i.e a country that has passionate football fans and likes watching/playing football.

I am looking for some youth soccer tournaments for a u14 soccer team in Asia. Preferably in September or early October.

This Time For Asia. . . . . .?

For the first time in Cricket world cup history, there is a huge probability of 2 asian contenders coming in to the Finals.
What’s your thoughts about it?

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