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So Liverpool were right after all.They are under no obligations to sell to Arsenal.The clause states that Liverpool must accept bids in the 40 million margin from Uefacl clubs only.At this point in time Arsenal are yet to win the qualifier to enter UEFA CL with the second played being played on Aug 27th !
We can’t see the transfer happening before this date sadly.

I am an Arsenal supporter that has recently moved to Poland and am wondering how easy it is to get hold of tickets for away fans for any games that we should play on the continent in either Champion’s League games or Europa League games (should we find ourselves in that competition at some point in the 2013/14 season).
Obviously, I would want to see Arsenal playing if possible; however, should a conveniently located game occur that involves any of the English teams in Europe, I may potentially consider going to one of them also. So, although this question refers predominantly to Arsenal games, any answers involving the other top 5 teams in the Premier League last season (I’m not so bothered about Wigan/Swansea) would also be appreciated.
Ideally, Arsenal would reach the Group stages of the champions league and draw a Polish team in their group; however, Legia Warsaw are the only Polish team able to qualify and they still have Molde in the 3rd qualifying round (probably a 50/50 game) followed by an as yet unknown side in the Play-offs – should they beat Molde. There would then be the small matter being lucky enough to draw the same group. So, the chances of playing them in the Champions League are small, but it would be good. The reason I bring this up though is that Legia Warsaw wouldn’t necessarily be the biggest draw to most UK-based Arsenal supporters, so I am guessing that it might be easier to get a ticket as demand for tickets might be lower (although so might be the Arsenal allowance of tickets). Does anyone know if the “smaller” clubs are easier to get tickets for and, if so, how much easier.
Lastly, I would ideally want to go through proper channels to get a ticket (so not from a ticket tout outside the game etc) but I wouldn’t want to pay an extortionate amount either, ideally.
Thanks for reading and thanks for any answers.

Wojciech Szczesny – 79/80
Lukasz Fabianski – 77
Kieran Gibbs – 79/80
Per Mertesacker – 82
Laurent Koscielny – 84
Thomas Vermaelen – 80
Bacary Sagna – 80
Carl Jenkinson – 78
Nacho Monreal – 79
Ignasi Miquel – 69
Aaron Ramsey – 80
Mikel Arteta – 82
Jack Wilshere – 83
Abou Diaby – 76
Santi Cazorla – 86
Emmanuel Frimpong – 70
Ryo Miyaichi – 73
Tomas Rosicky – 80
Lukas Podolski – 82
Gervinho – 80
Theo Walcott – 83
Olivier Giroud – 81
Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain – 81
Serge Gnabry – 66
Yaya Sanogo – 70
Luis Suarez – 86
Marouane Fellaini – 82
Bernard – 80
Julio Cesar – 81
Ashley Williams – 82

you automatically go to Manchester City.
*Nothing harsh intended*

In my opinion, he never did. Played him out of position, and put Gervinho over him. Arshavin is truly an exceptional talent, even at the age of 32. He plays well for Zenit, and he was the main playmaker in Russia’s squad in the UEFA Euro 2012. The “Oezil” of the Russian squad at the time, if you will.
BQ: Will Arsenal sign Luis Suarez? If not, who do you want at Arsenal?

SZCZESNEY – 80 (If 79, his shot stopping/reactions/diving should not be decreased)
KOSCIELNY – 82 ( BOTH defenders are hugely underrated by the press esp. Koscielny – towards the 2nd half of the season their partnership was superb with many clean sheets… Arsenal ended with the 3rd best defensive record in the league)
WILSHERE – 82 (Can’t lower his rating just because he didn’t play much!)
CAZORLA – 85/86 (Similar assists and goals ratio to Mata – but prob. should be 2 lower than Mata who should be at 88 overall. Depends on Fifas rating of Cazorlas counterparts)
WALCOTT!! – 83 (His finishing has drastically improved this season. I believe he would be in a squad of the ‘most improved’ players if there was one for the 2012/13 season. 81 is ridiculous considering Young’s and Nani’s higher rating who have done FAR WORSE this season!!!!)
GIROUD- 80 (Fifa again shouldn’t give into the foolish press – he is still a solid forward just not great)
PODOLSKI – 81/82 – Hasn’t proven himself really; but finishing was shown to still be great.
ROSICKY – 80: when he gets to play he is really good in the CM/CAM role.
FABIANSKI- 78: proved when he got to play that he can match Szczesney in many areas.
JENKINSON – 74: definitely shown he is better than a 70 rating.
VERMAELAN – 80: when he played he was inferior to our current two defenders.
OX – 77/78: His finishing has clearly improved in some of his latter England and Arsenal performance – though yet to prove himself consistently.
GERVINHO – 79: A good enough player but completely lacks shooting ability and workrate of players like Walcott.
RAMSEY – 79: Verygood near end of season. A real engine in midefield, with excellent passing and vision at times. Plays still needs to be far more polished to warrant an 80s rating, but bad press he has received again unfair. Better than Gervinho!
As an Arsenal fan, I am really trying to be very realistic. But the only player who must change if any in rating has to be WALCOTT – at 81 he is sooooo underrated compared to his counterparts and has improved markably. His goal and assist tally was great for a right-winger. Walcott has to be 83. The fact he was lowered from 82 to 81 in January by FIFA was a joke.
What do you think??? (Specify if you are an Arsenal fan, neutral or rival fan)

Arsenal FC did not deserve to finish in the the top four last season, Tottenham were clearly the more impressive team.
I don’t want to see Arsenal FC representing British football in the UEFA Champions League anymore, they are an embarrassment!
REALISTICALLY speaking, who is Arsenal going to sign next season?
Before you answer the question: Higuain, El Shaarawy, Jovetic and Rooney are certainly not going be Arsenal FC players next season!

Fist of all guy, I would like to say that I have been a Madridista from the very day I enter my mother stomach. My family are all madridistas. From me to my great great great great great great great grand parents.We have all been madridistas.
I am very pissed because i heard Gonzalo Higuain is going to Arsenal. I think madrid should keep higuain and sell benzema. I never really liked benzema because I have never been impressed by his performance. No even when he was at lyon. I like Higuain a lot. Has been scoring world class goals since his River plate days. I rate Higuain higher than benzema. Higuain always make defenders uncomfortable and goals are just beautiful. Similar to that goal of the Dutchman Van Goal. He would steal the ball and score before you realize it. I have seen that several times. Benzema scores 1goal like every now and then. I have never seen him score a hat trick. its always 1 goal when he score.He a very soft striker. I heard when he goes to france, he and his buddy Ribery are busy getting it on with under age girls. That kind of behavour is bad for the club. He is a waste and he should be sold. I heard Zidane talked the Madrid board into not selling him. He should be sold. I think he is the worst Real Madrid #9 of all time. no football fan like a striker that score only 1 goal. Higuain play less games and score more goals. Most of the time higuain score 2 goals or hat tricks. I would hate to seee higuain leave. If he does leave, I would like to see us get Louis Suarez. We should not get Overrated Bale or anyone else. Maybe good for England but definately not madrid. As a mattery of fact, Im not even gonna go there. What do you guys think?


some real world class opposition above like West Ham, Spurs and Red Star Belgrade xD

The ” shows whether its better than fifa 13′s ratings( equal=):
Szczesny 80=
Sagna(if he’s still there): 81
Mertesacker 82>
Gibbs 80>
Wilshere 83>
Arteta 83/84(he deserved higher but he wont get it)>
Cazorla 86/87(considering Hazard was rated 87 in fifa 13)>
Ramsey 80>
Podolski 82
Fabianski 78= I think
Monreal 80>
Vermaelan 81
OX 79>
Jenkinson 78>
Gervinho(if he’s still there) 80<
Tried to be fair, and if you suggest sagnas rating should be lower, EA never acts just on one season performance. Szczesny was 80 in fifa 13 so I just stuck with it. The team certainly needs strengthening if we want to mount a title challenge so:
Jovetic 84
Williams 81
Adler 83
Wanyama 83
Fixes the problem.
Estimated total for those players is about: Jovetic(25mil), williams(10mil), adler(10-15mil), wanyama(20mil).
So between the 65-70mil that we know wenger has, but we all know he wont spend it. He has signed the promising youngster sanago(whatever his name is) but lets hope he pushes those signings through. If he doesnt and Spurs get a quality forward we will finish 5th, so best he does, or he should leave.
How do you think those signing could help Arsenal and do you agree with my fifa 14 predictions?

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