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1) Most Boring Sport to Watch?
2) Best Sport to Watch?
3) Best Sport to Play?
4) Worst Sport to Play?
5) Rugby or Cricket?
6) Football or Soccer?
7) Golf or Squash?
8) Tennis or Basketball?
9) FIFA 05 or FIFA 11?
10) Halo or GTA?
11) Favorite FIFA?
12) Fav GTA?
13) Who’s going down in League 2?
14) 5 a Side or 11 a Side
15) Yahoo or BBC?
16) How do you fix the RT Bumper on a Xbox Controller?
17) Adidus or A-di-das ?
18) Watermelons or Apples?
19) Will Keane or John Cofie?
20) Fav Country to Live in? (not england)
21) EFS or SFS?
22) Is God Real?
23) Are Aliens Real?
24) Are Humans Real?
25) Samsung Tvs or Sony TVs
26) Lucky Number?
27) Is Fishing Overrated?
28) Lucky Colour?
29) Opinions on the Number 29?
30) 30×30?

Hi guys, I’m just going to ask questions to make sure my health is good?
how could you know if your hair is healthy?
Could you cure a tooth decay?
What can you do to know your health?

Here is my channel – http://www.youtube.com/user/FGFxShawny?feature=mhee
I mostly do gaming, and I am thinking about doing vlogs… however I cannot think about anything I would want to talk about.
I try and make my commentaries less monotone and more exciting sometimes, however I don’t like my voice either. I also want to do something original to do with FIFA.
Any ideas and feedback are appreciated, watch a varying number of videos.

http://espn.go.com/action/freeskiing/sto… http://www.allisports.com/alli/snowboard… hmm, espn says that they announced the olympic teams on December 12. Shaun White isn’t on the roster?! I wouldn’t be upset about it if it’s true…. but it’s kind of a shocker. The roster also says “2013″ Sochi isn’t until 2014…… Last time they announced the team in the year of the olympics. I really want to know if this is the real teams or not and if they’re making cuts from that. Nobody probably knows, but I’ll ask.

1.Will boxing ever split into two or more sports like American football and Canadian football are not recognized
as the same sport but are bassically the same sport?
2.Is kickboxing excatly boxing, but splited from boxing ages ago?
3.Are there different sports in boxing? Like some say boxing is divided into three sports, WBA,WBC and IBF. Is that true?
4.Will the sport of boxing ever die out?Maybe because of MMA?
5.Was boxing the most popular and watched combat and martrial art sport from 1890 to now 2012?
6.Is the word boxing used for some other sport or other word rather than the popular sport called boxing in which
boxer fight with their hands?
7.Is it true that boxing was the most popular sport in America in the 20th centrury alongside Baseball and horse raced?
8.Is boxing considered a sport?
9.Was boxing the most popular combat sport in the 20th century?
10.Are there any simmiliar sports like boxing?
11.Why is kickboxing so simmiliar to boxing?The ring is the same lenght and shape,they wear the same gloves,they
both have the corner?Are they one sport together? If not why are they so simmiliar?The only difference is kickboxers
use legs and hands boxers use only hands. Which sport is more popular throught the history and today?
12.Is it possible for someone to unite all the boxing organisation,federations,..(like WBA,WBC,IBF,…and AIBA the governing body for amateur boxing)and make a
governing body of boxing like FIFA is for football(soccer)?
13.Is there more money in boxing than in other sports?Are boxing superstars richer than other sports superstars?
14.Are amateur and professional boxing different sports?
15.Could amateur and professional boxing ever become different sports?
16.Will rules of boxing ever change drasticly?
17.Why do some boxers chose to stay amateur instead of professional career?
18.Will boxing ever die out becase of MMA or any other reason? So it would completly vanish?
19.Will boxing always be as popular as it is today(today its popularity is pretty much the same as MMA’s)?
20.Will boxing ever “evolve” to other sport?(for example boxers will be allowed to use their feet or to strike an fallen oponnent) and because of this boxing will never be boxing anymore but some other sport that has evolved from boxing?
21.Will rules of boxing ever change drastically? Like for example fighting would be allowed with feets to not only fists, or there would be an circle shaped ring not square shaped one, for example. Could rules of boxing change so drastically?
22.Was there ever an argument if boxing should be banned? Was there ever any major discussion if boxing should be
banned by any country? Like politicians meeting up and discussing if they should change the law to prohibit boxing?

which ones better and can you tell me which will have more replay value best answer 10 points

should i call the cops like these facebook/twitter c-nts who claim butthurt or just block youhttp://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-mer…http://www.forbes.com/sites/johnclarke/2…

Hey Guys, Fifa 13 is coming out soon, demo has come out. So just wondering what are the best 4 teams in the game, you can add more if you would like but just make sure you number them :)
I have:
1.Real Madrid
2. Barcalona
3. PSG
4. ?
only want club teams! no nationals
thanks, any other input or your opinion will be great

Im still toying weith the doa5…. Btw… Im not buying fifa 13 david…. I HATE FOOTBALL!!!!!! ty. Bye

Here are my questions-
On what date did the olympics officially open?
for how many weeks did the olympic games last?
For the opening ceremony orginizers created the largest ………….(?)
how many different sports will take place?
Wich sport will take place 1st?
what arethe mascots names for the 2012 Olimpic (and paralympic) Games?
what date did the Olympic flame start it’s journey around the UK?
approximatly how many miles did the Olimpic flame travel its way to London?
Approximstely how many countries are expected to take part in the games?
In total, how many event tickets will be sold to general public?

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