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I was wondering if i ordered an American ps4, for use in England, would an English fifa 14 work on it? I know Sony said it is not region locked, but would i play Americans online? Would the English version play on an American console? It would just save me money if it did, that’s all

The Brazilians think the Cup European/South American is Club World Cup !!!?
The Cup European/South American is a is a tournament of club of South America and Europe, made by UEFA and CONMEBOL.
The Club World Cup was created by FIFA in 2000.
The São Paulo FC he won the Cup European / South American in 1992 and 1993 and think that is Club World Cup.
Club World Cup is from 2000, right?
Sorry for my english! I hope to to understand!


Be realistic, not biased, and try to use statistics (No FIFA statistics, they suck).
Ranking of all Latin American leagues:
1. Argentina
2. Brazil
3. Uruguay
4. Paraguay
5. Colombia
6. Mexico
7. Chile
8. Peru
9. Ecuador
10. Costa Rica
11. Honduras
12. Guatemala
13. Bolivia
14. Venezuela
15. El Salvador
16. Panama
17. Nicaragua

My life goal is to become an American citizen and live in America. i was born in England (a few hours away from London) and i still live in England (a few hours away from London). i am 21 years old and female. People have told me “if you want to live in America, you need a good job” “You need to be in a job that will be needed in America” so what jobs do they mean? Can you give me a list of jobs. Does it have to be a job like a doctor or police officer? i would become a police officer because thats a job that i wanted to do years ago but if theres a normal job like working in a hotel or bank ect then that would be better and quicker. There is a Nike Town in London and a Nike Town in New York, could i get a job in Nike Town in London and get transfered to the Nike Town in New York?
i really want to add this:
Obviously you know that England is one of the best countries to live in and they have good medical (ive heard better than America because you have to pay for medical in America), no/not many natural disasters ect so the reason i want to live in America isn’t because i will bennifit from the country in anyway like some people who apply to become an American citizen is for sometimes selfish/bad reasons like they hate their country, they think its easier ect which is why people have to go through a process to become an American citizen because they dont want to let just anyone in America. My reason is because i love America, i have for years, i support America and America is in my heart. i have only ever been to America once and that was for my 21st Birthday (this year, a few months ago) i went to New York, Manhattan and the 1st thing i said when the plane landed in JFK airport was “i’m home”. America was everything i thought it would be and more. the people were so nice, i met a pilot, staff from Nike Town New York, hotel staff, souvenir staff, hotdog seller on the street (best hotdogs in the WORLD!), some underground rappers near Best Buy (the DJ gave me a hug which was sweet of him), the security guard at Macys joked with me when i asked her if i was allowed to record in Macys saying she might not look good on camera, she didnt say it in them exact words but it was along that line and she was laughing at the same time, she seemed really happy and i thought she was funny, i met citizens of America and tourists and i met more people. i went crazy with the video recording, i recorded around 300 videos and im going to put them on a DVD lol. i am loyal to America, i support USA in the World Cup last WC and the WC before. i supported Team USA in the Olympics this year, i was wearing a team USA t-shirt where i live. i have a New York themed bedroom with NY wallpaper, NY canvas photos, NY city map (that i got from when i went to New York for my 21st birthday, this year), i follow the Presidential Elections (im supporting Obama again this year, he’s a nice guy and i’m going to buy an Obama t-shirt to wear in November), i have an American flag out of my window and i am getting American flag quilt cover for my bed. i am currently studying the questions on the USCIS website for the Citizens and immigration test i will have to take and it is the funnest test i have ever studied for, i dont even think of it as studying, i think of it as learning new things about America. i play a game for fun where i have a piece of paper and i have to write down as many of the 50 States of America as i can think of and then i have a mini poster which says them all on so i check how many i got after ive wrote all the ones i know down on the paper. i know all the words to Americas national anthem Star Spangled Banner (which i learned years ago) and i know the pledge of allegiance. i am sad that i have to go through this hard process to become an American citizen though because i know that i have more American pride than a lot of Americans, i am even getting the American flag tattooed on my shoulder with The Statue Of Liberty infront of the flag. There was even an American who i spoke to on YouTube who said “wow, i wish i loved my country as much as you do”. i am so loyal to America and i would make a good American citizen so they should let me in without having to go through this hard process but they dont do that so i just hope i become one. if i dont become an America citizen, i will travel to as many parts of America as possible (as i would if i was an American citizen) and 2 of my other life goals are 1. to spend Christmas in New York and 2. Spend Halloween in Salem. i will visit every state and part of America. Hopefully my dream of becoming an American citizen will oneday come true. if my dream comes true, i will probably live in New York but i am still undecided, there are so many good choices so i will have to travel some more to see which i like best. i am going to America for the 2nd time either next year or the year after to Florida.

I want to know whos going to be on the north america cover because I havnt heard any news about it

Does everyone know Mitt Romney was born here because he “looks” American?
This from the Obama Administration:
“Throughout this campaign, Governor Romney has embraced the most strident voices in his party instead of standing up to them. It’s one thing to give the stage in Tampa to Donald Trump, Sheriff Arpaio, and Kris Kobach. But Governor Romney’s decision to directly enlist himself in the birther movement should give pause to any rational voter across America.”http://www.politico.com/blogs/burns-habe…
Was it a smart, politically smart, idea for Romney to bring up the Birther issue? Why would anyone question his place of birth unless they thought he wasn’t or at least didn’t look like an American? Is Mitt Romney trying to say that Obama doesn’t “look” American to, at least, the people that he knows? Or is he suggesting to his base that he want to show that he also has doubt that Obama is really an American because unlike him Obama has been questioned about his origins by people on the right because his background is more diverse and less euro-centric compared to past American presidents? When Mitt Romney says that Obama seems very “European” in his policies and the way he thinks he was trying to make his policies seem foreign to the audience. Now, rather than using “Europe” for his policies will he be lightly suggesting “Africa” for his very own background?

This wasent just eny part it was an emotinal peice on the london bomings wich i thought americans would have sympathy for they expereanced the same thing on 9/11 sereosly, for **** sacke

At the London Olympics, US women won the majority of the gold medals, and the majority of the overall medals. If US women broke off and formed their own nation, they would have been third in the medal count.
Why are the women in the US so much stronger than the men? Why is there such a huge gap?
In soccer, US women won the gold, while the US men didn’t even qualify to go to London.

Read this:
I know he is from Taiwan.
If yes do you think he should have played in the LONDON 2012 olympics

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