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Why is Turkey in the UEFA? I know a part of Turkey is in Europe but also a big part of Turkey is in Asia. Why are they part of UEFA and not part of AFC?

No. Past FIFA games included an online pass: a code included with new copies of the game that you’d have to input to access online. If you got the game used, you’d have to pay extra to play online.
Pirated games can never be played online. How about you support the devs and the hard work they put into the game and actually buy it.

i need your views and opinions for my school assessment, and would appreciate it:)

The soundtrack to the advert on BBC “Accused” [2012] (the advert is played during the afternoons atm) was also performed as an extended version during the first 5-30 minutes of London Olympics Opening Ceremony [2012]
… which band/author created this soundtrack?
Thanks in advance.

Money talks…seems like that’s it.
for example, if one country’s people paid the referees, False judgement can happen DELIBERATELY.
+Just look at the case of South Korea in the Fencing game yesterday. originally it’s the S.Korean who won the match.

my friends punch quite fasten and its pain too much.so i want to get a fit chest and arms and also body.i want to know about my foods.and also i am not so interested in outdoor games such as football, basketball. i want to know about exercises which can carry out inside home. i also want to know that pumping can make my body to fit?

Oh wait i forgot…

I wouldn’t buy the 3rd. MW2 is the best one they’ve mad so far in my opinion. and the I wouldn’t get the new FIFA game. They are very similar.
Also, if you want a free Ipad or macbook, go here


(It really works, I used to use it for free xbox live, but now I’m working on a macbook. All you do is sign up for the gamefly free trial and cancel it a few days later. Then you just refer people to the site to do the same thing.
The way it works is each time the someone signs up, the company (gamefly for instance) gives the site a little over $50. an iPad 2 16 gb is 10 referals (approximately $500, the cost of an iPad) so in the end they make over a $50 profit since you have to complete and offer as well. I really works.)
Hope this helps, sorry for the link if you don’t want to use it. It just helps me out : )

Yea i just want to leave them there a bunch of randoms and wanna start my own with friends.

I have every faith in us after today since we absolutely dominated Liverpool today. I can honestly see us winning this double :D As for my second question I just feel that the situation between Suarez and Evra is just beyond ridiculous now thanks to Suarez’s ignorance, arrogance and spitefulness by not shaking Evra’s hand as it would have put the situation to bed. Dalglish was seriously stupid to sign this scumbag who cheated Ghana out of the World Cup.

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