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At their current level, and momentum, is it possible that the US can be comepitive with UEFA squads? I don’t necessarily mean win, but not make it a blow out? The USMNT have beaten almost every team in the Western Hemisphere, most rather badly too. The current generation of soccer players are the first to have grown up with it from childhood as well.
My opinion is that we might be able to compete against lower UEFA squads, and perhaps by Brazil, be able to hold our own vs teams like England, though not win. However, I believe that the US will be a world power in the next 10 years or so. Hopefully this success translates to breaking into the “BIg 4,” but…
Thank you

Over xbox live? since fifa 14 is coming out for xbox 360 and xbox one…. i’m just wondering since i’m planning on buying fifa 14 and the xbox one, but i don’t want to buy fifa 14 twice.

I want to know what formation they used because it looks very productive and strange.

for example when FC Barcelona competes with Chelsea or Arsenal or Real Madrid with chelsea. And why is that a lot of football games have countries competing with each other rather than football clubs? what is the difference between fifa world cup and fifa club world cup. Thanks!!!

I play against my little bro and he wins most of the time whenever he plays against me with chelsea 4-5-1. he has won me 14 time, i have won only 6 times with barcelona 4-3-2-1 wide… he plays and beat me to the wing game and i cant catch up with him when he runs with the ball. he talks and boast too much! it’s starting to annoy me. pls help!

It does not matter how you word the question with the Bundesliga or German national team, or teams like Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund, Bayer Leverkusen or Schalke the suggested categories pop up something like UEFA Football, Other Football, Fifa Football, Germany or Munich travel and Australia Football.
However if you put one question with a German Football team and an EPL team immediately the English Football section pops up what kind of pathetic programmers do yahoo answers UK have they cannot have the same type of key trigger words or names for the German Football section?

There is something fishy about this, isn’t there?
This just goes to show how desperate Bayern are, there are going to do ANYTHING to win the UEFA Champions League.
First they announce that they are going to purchase Mario Götze before Dortmund’s semi final clash against Real Madrid to unsettle the team and now they told him to simulate that he is injured so that they are have a better chance of winning the Champions League?
Why shouldn’t this be the case?
Nobody in Germany can stand them, they are the equivalent to Manchester City/Chelsea FC…if you can’t produce then you buy!
What are your thoughts, don’t you think it is a bit strange?
I really hope Dormund will win it, Bayern have been outstanding this season, but the team they fear most is Dortmund!
Who are you going to support?

This was done in consecutive order ranging from 11th November 2012 up to 30th March 2013.He also scored braces in the consecutive matches in this series of matches such as those against Mallorca,Atletico Madrid,Athletic Bilbao,Real Zaragoza,Granada,Levante,and many others.However, he notched a hat-tick(4 goals) in the game against Osasuna.Can he do this in the computerized sense i.e in FIFA 13?If so, have you managed him for FC Barcelona he can set records in the process?Is there a way in FIFA 14 that they can reduce the rates at which he and other strikers pick up injuries?

lol no Chelsea is going to win!!!
Lets go Chelsea!!!!!!


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