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I pay for Premium Service and yet I get Geographical Ads in Greek and for betting and loads of sports ads. How do I block these, or is it impossible and the annual fee is just a rip-off? I am in London at present and on my Yahoo home page there are loads of Para-olympic adds and links.

Right here it is I’ve gone and made a massive blunder by applying to join the London 2012 Olympic emergency response team what i did was send them an electronic image of my drivers licence which has my mothers address on it ( my old address when licence was issued ) around a year ago so naturally when applying for jobs i put my mothers address down as its the only way My ID ( drivers licence ) can count as ID, I normally stop by my mothers house to pick up mail . Any way I’ve only gone and lost this ID the other day which I need to pick up my Olympic pass ! in west ham . I was told to pick up the pass i have to show the exact same ID ie licence with mothers address on it to pick it up otherwise I’d be turned away :( . I was just wondering if i phoned them and ordered a replacement licence and i fibbed and said i still live at my mothers address would they investigate with DWP who know where I live now. I have to pick my pass up in a matter of a week or two ! .

What Should I Make My Email Address Be?

I have a old gmail and I don’t like the user name! My name is Harper my favorite number is 4 and i like soccer and basketball! I like being called Harp! And I loved djb ( Daniel Joseph Baker!)

MY EMAIL ADDRESS is eddybahama@yahoo.co.uk
tel 07039103300 NIGERIA MOBILE LINE

Why You want a email Adress

Foamed Maazou, the attacker of Gironde which had by way of interposed press, meant in vulgar terms that it lent little attention to the supporteurs, presented its excuses to “all those who feel wounded”, indicates the club in an official statement.

When I try to register on line with a certain website (for football fans) I get a message back which says,
“Web-based e-mail addresses (hotmail, yahoo, lycos,gmail etc) are not valid for registration and you will need to use a proper fixed e-mail address such as that provided to by your ISP or employer.”
Read more: http://www.readytogo.net/smb/faq.php?faq=vb_faq#ixzz18BWAZbMM
I am already a member and have been using the website regular for seven years but now that I’ve changed my email from ntl to yahoo they are blocking me from re-registering.
I would prefer to stay with Yahoo.

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