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If i bought fifa 14 for ps3 will i be able to play it on ps4
Please help

Fifa 14 for the ps3 is released at the end of september where as the ps4 version and the ps4 itself is released mid november. I would like to get fifa 14 on release date but i dont want to buy two copies of the game so will the ps3 version of the game play on ps4. Or will i have to wait a month and a half to get the game

I’m thinking about using a couple of dollars on the team to buy packs but I don’t know if its worth it or if I should wait for fifa 14.

Over xbox live? since fifa 14 is coming out for xbox 360 and xbox one…. i’m just wondering since i’m planning on buying fifa 14 and the xbox one, but i don’t want to buy fifa 14 twice.

is it through some sort of pre-order? i saw you can get it in the UK version

I ask because the PS4 will be released after all my favourite games come out. I.e. the release date for the PS4 is going to be like late November or December ish time but; Fifa 14, C.O.D. Ghosts, GTA 5 are all being released about 2 months before the PS4. So if I can play PS4 games on my PS3 I can just buy them as PS4 games and play them on the PS3 and wait for the PS4 to be released. I know no one will have a definitive answer but what do you think.
Thanks in advance.

Or will I have to start afain

Since I am not ready to pay money for a new Xbox (bought mine a year ago, not knowing this one was coming out so soon) I do still what to play some of the new games such as Forza 5 or Fifa 14 does anyone know whether such games will be made for the 360 as swell or if I can play at least play them on the 360, I am aware of the fact that the Xbox one has better processors and all that and that that could mean that this is not possible
I would appreciate an answer,

I am not really ready to buy the new Xbox, since bought my 360 a year ago not knowing this One was coming so soon already, so I want to know whether can buy new games like Forza 5 on the 360, also do you think that you would barely be able toplay online, if you buy games such as Fifa 14 which is going to be out on both consoles or will there be enough players to play with (for the fifa players ; will the market be a lot different from the Xbox one? )
Thanks a lot!

Bastian Schweinsteiger the Bayern Munich General helped to shut down down Juventus and Barcelona to an aggregate of 11-0 can he continue this in the UEFA champions League Final?
I am not saying Bayern Munich will get a clean sheet against Dortmund because Dortmund takes too many shots to keep them out of the net but holding them to one goal is very possible especially playing away in London at Wembley.

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