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my psp(2001) system software is 5.50 GEN-D2 and when i try to load FiFa 10/11 it is saying “the game could not be started (80020148)” n it is also same wit psp(2002) system software 4.01 M33-2…
the problem is only wit the fifa’s games, other game r fine…

For a “BIG” Club.
This is not a very Good record.

The Tmapa Bay Superbowl Team In 2002?

I’m just starting to get into to football but I’m wondering what the identity or the things the Tampa Bay team did well that year. The teams from 2000-2010 only had 2 teams that won the Superbowl that didn’t have a great Quarterback all the others had elite or at least 2ndtier QBs. the 2 are the Ravens and Tampa Bay. I read the Ravens had the Defense and just ran the ball so I get why they won. But I just don’t know the elements of that tampa team. Could somebody please explain what they were like? I get that Gruden knew the Plays for the Raiders in the SB but what about the other games. I never heard anything from their rushing

yes, in the 60th mintue for Mcmanaman

Downs and Abwender (2002) found neurological deficits in soccer players who are routinely hit on the head with soccer balls compared to swimmers, who are also athletes but who are not regularly hit in the heads. Is this an example of an experimental or a non-experimental study? Why?

Does anyone know a hyperlink or have a video that they could e-mail me about Australia’s 22-0 victory vs.Tonga ?

Saudi Arabia Shirt 2002?

where can i find saudi arabia soccer shirt from 2002 world cup made by adidas ?

the starting 11 of the actual final . Il give u people some home work todo . For those who dont know jack about it well use wikipedia . I will award the best answer to the first person who gives me the names of the goal keeper . The defenders . The midfielders and the fowards . If u mention players who didnt play in that final or players who werent playing for real back then for example cristiano ronaldo il laugh at u simple as that . Finally a interesting enough question em i right . Instead of the whole why do americans call it soccer . Or help me i wanna join a high school team or college . not every one here lives in the usa people !!!! . U gotta cater for others who live around the world . How would a russian person answer a question like help me i wanna join a soccer team in north carolina seriously !!!!! .

theshinguardian.com If this doesnt get you pumped for the 2010 World Cup nothing will.

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