Was on a good streak tryin to get my life back together after my 2nd dui.- I had to wait a year to get my license back and take achocol classes and purshase a car. The 3rd dui that i had just i drove to a bar drank alot even had plans of taking a taxi back. One minute I remember being at the bar the next my airbags being off in truck with chp around me i had hit a tree witch i am gratefull nothing else happened. Im looking at 120 days min in jail and 3 to 10 years revoked on my license when i go to court next month. i work full time and was planning on goin to college because i would want to make a good life for myself rather than workin in a warehouse. i dont think i have an achocol problem because i barely drink i can go weeks without drinkin or just have a couple beers during a football/ baseball game and be cool. i dont even do alot of partying cuss i dont hang out with that many people after my license was taking for that first year . I just wanna be able to make a good life for myself even with all this to live with .