I am 21 my gf is 20. I met her online 5 years ago and we basically were together since. Our relationship was only through Skype and whatsapp. On holidays I always went to her( she lived in Mexico I live in Switzerland) so we had also time to be with each other in person. 2 month ago she came to live with me here in Switzerland and things have been going good. Sometimes she gets me really mad, but then she always gets more mad even if she has no reason to get mad! So I am always the one who has to apologize to her. She never apologize for the things she does. She even punish me by taking my cellphone for 1 week. She doesn’t want me to see my friends. And she hates me like football(soccer), and everything I do I do wrong. I cook for her I work and get us everything. I always buy her chocolate because I know she loves it. But if I cook and I put a little bit of more pepper she doesn’t eat it and she just don’t touch it. I mean I really am trying my best to make her happy and she never is. 2 days ago we had a fight about her telling me I need self discipline and I got so mad and she told me. If u are mad I get 3 times more mad and she took my phone. And I got so mad and I took the phone from her and she hurt herself and since then she doesn’t say a word to me. What do I do? U think I am wrong? Do I need to let her go?