Hello my little love birds.
Atleti were amazing yesterday!!! Falcao Top. Even our defense was great. Mario Suarez was on point and Arda <3
Anywho, do take the time to say how amazing Atleti is.
Also a couple of FYIs:
Real fans that were present after their victory in Madrid: 60,000
Atleti fans present at Neptune today: 100,000
Ohhh hello.
And also I'll leave you with the great Fernando Torres "Cuando gana el Atleti me alegro más que cuando gana mi equipo" — When Atleti wins I get happier than when my team wins. LEGEND!!!
Also how much will Gil sell Falcao for in the summer window? And you know the usual speech… We'll get someone just like him or better and blah blah blah blah.