Okay so by younger I mean he is 2 years and 2 days younger than me but, he isn’t an idiot like most of the boys in his year. He is really nice, funny, kind and of course good looking! He ALWAYS makes me laugh and whenever he sees me he smiles at me and I get butterflies! The age difference doesn’t bother me at all and I know my family absolutely adore him, I also get on great with his family considering his sister is my best friend! He does really nice things like once he gave me his ticket to a football game because he knew how much I wanted to go? That’s sweet right?
Soo what should I do? I’m scared that my best friend is going to be angry at me, I am also scared that this is a one way thing and he doesn’t like me back? All my friends that know think it is cute but will he agree?
I like him a lot and I wanna give it a go with him but how do I tell my best friend that I like her brother? AND how do I tell him?
Help pleasee