Last friday I went to a football game with my brother-in-law cousin (not blood related). we drank some beer at the game and all, anyway after the game her aunt was picking us up since we couldnt drive home i had my arm around her shoulder at that time. My brother in law cousin works at a bar so she asked me if i wanted to go chill with her there and drinks ome more (after all free drinks for me). As time passed I was talking to some old friends i saw there and my brother in law cousin name is mindy so mindy sat next to me at the bar saying i been looking everywhere for you matt (My name). we sat next to each other she every now and then touched my arm when we were talking and i put my hand on ehr knee and she didnt move it, a few minutes later we danced all i remember is that she was grinding on me and i had my arms around her at the same time. As time passed i was wasted lol so mindy bought me back to my brother in law house since i was staying there for the night. we pulled up and i couldnt make it up the stairs so she helped me and helped me get my pants off ( not the sexual way) i laid down on the sofa and i asked her to come by me and she said she had to go back bc she got asked to work so i waved my arm for her to come by and she did and she said thank you for coming to the game with her and i gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Last night I went out with her again to the bar and this time i drove as we were walking to my truck I put my arm around her shoulder then i moved it down to her waist and she didnt say or do anything. I dont want sex right now bc i like to take things slow but I really want to kiss her or her to just lay a kiss on me. Im shy so what would be the best way to get a kiss from her??? or does she even seem interested in me in anyway???? I would love a kiss from her why doesnt she kiss me if she is interested? bc she hasnt i think that she isnt interested in me liek that so idk what to think. beacuse i think that she is just being nice to me and is afraid to let me know and make me feel down. what do yall think???