im 14, tall (6 ft 6), smart, sweet, funny, kind, strong, determined, loyal and people say overall a great guy. I also play football at left tackle and am big but not fat cause i have muscles, i guess im kinda in the jock category don’t judge cause my group of friends has some of everybody. one of those friends is a girl i like, she doesn’t get much attention cause guys think shes average cause she doesn’t wear makeup alot, but i think shes beautiful and i love everything about her, she knows i like her, but now its like a maybe thing cause it’s the point where it has to sink in, i wrote a song about her, and wanted to invite her over to play it for her on my guitar, a little about my looks, im tall as i said, have tan skin, have brownish blond hair & eyes that change between blue, green & hazel. people say i have a cute smile & dimples, im pretty popular, she has blond hair & blue eyes but isn’t a stereotypical blond at all, shes a smart, funny person who i love talkin to, do i have a shot & what should i do?