At a cost of at least £12 billion, I think we can all agree that there was no better way to spend our money than on a fun and frivolous sports competition. Certainly in a time of austerity, when financial cuts are having to be made to the NHS, police, armed forces, etc. to service our exorbitant national debt, there is clearly no better way to spend £12 billion.
Who needs to save these dying cancer patients anyway. It’s not like they’re related to anyone on the fabulous London Organising Committee!
And what better people to provide our security than G4S, a corporation that when not assisting the great city of London is helping to enforce the apartheid in Palestine by operating prisons, where Palestinians, including children, are held in inhumane conditions with allegations of torture. This splendid company was also responsible for the inhumane treatment of asylum seekers in its care and for the death of at least one of them. How wonderful!
And look at those shining medals around the necks of our Olympic athletes. I think we all owe our hearty thanks to Rio Tinto, the corporation who provided the metal, and who have also caused mass destruction to the rainforests of Indonesia, who force employees to work in appalling conditions and who were partly responsible for the outbreak of civil war in Papua New Guinea in the 1980s. Recent reports have suggested that Rio Tinto may resume their controversial mining practices in PNG, and I can think of nothing better the British government could do than to give them millions to help them in this endeavour.
And those are just some examples of the benefits to all provided by the London 2012 Olympic games. Doesn’t it just imbue you with pride and patriotism to think what a splendiferous show London has gifted to the world?