Sometimes my mom and older sister (who is 18 years old, and I am 15 years old) will make comments about how I’m a “tomboy”, and I don’t think they realize it hurts my feelings. So I just wanted your opinion and if you thought I really was one.
Here is some stuff that may help you decide:
1.) I LOVE soccer, this is my dream career!
2.) I LOVE fashion, and whenever I get money I like to buy magazines like Teen Vogue and Seventeen. One of my style icons is Kim Kardashian…she’s so fabulous!
3.) I LOVE looking at architecture and interior design with my mom!
4.) My favorite colors are pink and orange, mostly because they’re so juicy, fun, and vibrant!
5.) I live in a large family, 8 people and 1 large dog, so my we can’t really afford to buy new clothes. In fact, I only have soccer clothes.
6.) I love animals…they’re so adorable!
7.) I used to play video games a little bit when I was younger, but now I don’t play anymore. I would play games like The Sims, FIFA (a soccer game, one of my faves!), Animal Crossing (also one of my faves!), Wii Sports, and any other Wii game.
8.) Oh, I should’ve told you earlier, but I’m homeschooled!
9.) I don’t really watch TV. Actually I do, just whatever my 3 year old sister is watching, because she always hogs the TV, haha! But she watches Disney Channel, and I like to watch soccer games with my mom and sister or America’s Next Top Model by myself.
10.) I ALWAYS have to have a clean room, and whenever we (my siblings and I) clean the kitchen, I always have to make sure its perfect. I also am all about presentation. I’m a perfectionist! 
11.) I haven’t started wearing makeup yet, I just feel comfortable without it.
12.) Some people have described me as “spunky, creative, meek, humble, nice, pretty, and helpful”. I am not mean, rude, or a bully to anyone.
13.) I like smileys. ;)
14.) I have always been skinny, and once my sister said I have a “boyish figure”. Right now I’m 5’9″ and 120 lbs.
15.) I have always wanted to be a model. Actually, my dream career before I wanted to be a pro soccer player was to become a supermodel.
So, what do you think? Thanks, all answers are appreciated! :)