I’m 16. Turning 17 on August. Just around 5’7 or something like that. My dream is to become a basketball player. I know that because I don’t see myself in an office sitting in front of a computer or some business things and constructions. I dream of being a basketball player. I’m a high school graduate. I studied college for a half semester but didn’t finish. Now, I’m here in the Marshall Islands. No school yet. Planning on studying online courses. And another thing! When I was a 3rd year high school student, I attended the varsity basketball tryouts and thank God, they accepted me. I played as a Power Forward, despite my height. All I do before being a varsity was just shooting. Jump shots, can’t dribble, can’t do anything. Just jump shots. Again, thank God because I learned how to rebound. I practiced dribbling simply. I told myself before, I don’t care about scoring, just rebounding. Then, we ended up at 3rd place. I was shocked I out-rebounded a 6 footer 3 times in a row. Didn’t score a single point in the whole competition. I was like the 6th man of the team. All rebounds tho. Then, on our school, we Juniors ended up 2nd place behind the seniors. Then, I was a starter on the varsity team when I became a 4th year student. We ended up at the last. We didn’t win a game. We slacked off, That’s bad, yeah. Then, we were the champion, we defeated the Juniors. And guess what, I became the MVP. Not the finals MVP. More like the season MVP. I had a break-out game scoring 19 in 2 quarters? Maybe that was my best game in my life. Then, I was on a district league and all I did there was rebounds again and score some points too. My teammate told me my rebounds were amazing and solid. That’s it. Now, I’m practicing to be a Point Guard. What do you think guys? I want to be in a Pro League. What age can I enter a Pro League? Will I get in to one? Can I have a successful career? Any tips? Suggestions or something? God bless y’all. To God be the Glory.