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Why are all the Fifa Demos on the Xbox 360 Marketplace Removed? Also is it Worth to Buy Fifa 12 or Just Wait for Fifa 13?

He questioned London’s Olympics preparedness, during his visit to Israel, he infuriated Palestinians with remarks they deemed ‘racist’ by saying that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel (the official U.S. administration position, according to U.S. State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland, is that “the status of Jerusalem will be resolved through negotiations”).
and in Poland it was left to Romney campaign spokesman Rick Gorka to fill the gaffe quota by advising reporters to “kiss my ***.”
Is his behaviour and manners down to a lack of education or experience???

I’m from Brazil,I didn’t have opportunity to visit England,maybe in 2013.I’m watching Olympic Games in London.

I’m in Canada BC. I’ve been watching CTV London Olympics broadcast, but it feels like all they do is talk, are there any other good broadcasting stations in Canada BC?

There has been a lot of conspiracy theories going on that the Illuminati/Bilderbergs/Space Aliens will attack the Olympics this year, make it seem like it was done by UFOs/Al quaeda/ jews to make a move for WW3 and NWO. If you are curious google it.
What do you think? Is there actually solid evidence or do you declare this total bullshit?
I don’t believe in anything, I am just curious.

Okay I have 20$ on my account should I buy the uefa euro 2012? Or should I buy ultimate team packs and why? Thanks

London Olympics #2012 #electronica #2012

London Olympics #2012 #electronica #2012

When will all of the equestrian events air on TV? I have been watching it all & I am only getting the volleyball & swimming & what not. None of it is the equestrian portions. Where can I find out?? I looked on my local TV guide and found either the finals or semifinals. Is that all they will air? Where can I watch the whole thing online? I tried the & when I look it up all it is, is snips & pictures. Help! Thanks!

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