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why is Ellie Goulding-Light song so addicting, and does it belong in Fifa 13′

I don’t know. I’m both Spanish & italian. Mainly I’ve been rooting for Spain. It’s going to be intense!.. I fear for both in tomorrow’s game. They are both as good.

Fifa 13 Ultimate Edition Pre-order?

Im having trouble finding where I can Pre-order the FIFA 13 Ultimate Edition game? It says everywhere the regular game and the Ultimate Edition are available for preorder June 29th but I am only finding the regular version available for Pre-order. Any ideas as to why that Is so?

Fifa 13 Contest For Ps3?

Does anybody know some contest to win Fifa 13 for ps3?
Thanks :)


Why Do the Players in Euro 2012 Wear Blue Tape like Mario Balotelli did against Germany ???

the only player to score to consecutive goals in the semifinal and take italy to the finals.

Fifa 13 Pro Clubs?new Features?

do pro clubs in fifa 13 are going to have new features? Like no any or better chat room or better dressing room or something new that we can really appreciate?

Spain Or Italy In Euro 2012?

What do you think will win Spain or Italty ?

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