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Can Some One Teach Me To Football?

Go watch blue mountain state that will teach you everything you need to know

I mean serious wouldn´t it be more helpfull if they would start singing “God save the TEAM”?
Because if you look how the national team usually preforms they definitely could need all help they can get ;)

Why do morons have to take football rivalries so seriously?

my prediciton
bayern 3-2 chelsea,
because, JT, Ramires, Ivanovic are suspended

Just want to see who wins!!
You can answer with any player. In the end, i want to see who is 1st,2nd and 3rd
Just a fun poll !!!! So would u go for Ronaldo or Torres or any other player u think is good looking
just answer!!!
You could also give me your top 10
Please also spread the word tell your friends!!
Want to get as many answers as possible!!

My PSN is DonJamie2k11 (if my friends list is full send me a private message telling me its full :)

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Bears are garbage. Lions reign supreme.

The Biggest Name In World Football Is Back To His Absolute Best, And At His Best Torres Is Unstoppable, Unplayable, Untouchable, Fernando Can Turn A Game On Its Head In A Split Second, United/City, You Dont Know What Your Missing, Fernando Torres Chelsea’s New Number 9!


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