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if someone could be nice enough to add exact measurements that would be greatly appreciated i need help with this for a school project. thanks:)

I’m 15 in football and have mandatory workouts 3 times a day for five days. I eat 5 meals a day and I’ve only noticed that I’m getting bigger, but it seems like I’m only gaining fat..?

I am a 16 year old boy currently studying maths, sociology, English lit and R.S in sixth form, and i am depressed because i believe football was the right path for me to go down. I had never joined a football club in m life except for my school team, and everyone complemented me saying that i was really good and should play football as a profession.
Unfortunately, i have Nigerian parents who do not support this idea and believe education is the path i should follow along with my sister (currently studying in university) and ALL of my cousins.
at the moment i am extremely depressed as i am not happy with the path my parents have chosen for me, and would have loved to follow my dreams of being a footballer.
From a young age up until now, football has been an activity that makes me happy and i enjoy playing and has been natural gift to me. so to play football at a professional level and be paid to do something i love and would do for free has been my dream.
what should i do?
what can i do?
as i come from a strict upbringing there is little much i can do. :(

Portal 2 – De Blob 2?

Hi there,
Just wondering how much I would get if I traded Portal 2 and De Blob 2 into Blockbuster. See, I have £50 but I want to buy Skyrim, MW3 and Fifa 11 (Fifa’s only £5 in blockbuster). So all these games add up to about £65 (If I want them pre-owned) and I only have £50. They are both PS3 (Portal 2 and De Blob) I was going to throw in Mafia 2, how much will these games fetch me?

If so, does that mean there is DEFINATELY no way back into the cup for United?

Call of Duty Black Ops
UEFA: Pro evolution soccer 2010
James Cameron’s “Avatar”- THE GAME
Disney’s Epic Mickey
Lego Star Wars- the complete saga
Need for Speed – Pro Street
New Super Mario Bros.Wii
Shonen Jump – Naruto Shippuden Dragon Blade chronicles (BRAND NEW)
Wii Sports
(Most games were only played once and never touched again. Others are brand new!)
Used Wii system with WiFi Ready, SD Card Slot, Gamecube Control Ports and 2 Gamecube Memory Slots (BOX and PACKAGING IS INCLUDED)
Wii Console Stand
Sensor Bar
A/V Cables
Power Bar
3 wii controllers
3 nunchucks
Nyko Wii rechargeable batteries for two wii controllers
Nyko charger for two wii controllers

Okay, so without going into my complete life story which would without doubt entertain you guys to no end(LOL), here’s how it goes.
I have done three things and had three passions and hobbies since I was little. Playing Football(Soccer) and writing and reading. When I was little, I played football casually, and also read and wrote allot. By about age thirteen, however, the football got more serious and I began playing in travel leagues.
While I was in high school, I got as far as playing in a(believe what you want but it’s true) Semi-Professional league called the Y-League. It was just a talent development league, we didn’t get payed or anything.
After I hit thirteen, I complete stopped writing stories and only read books in school as they required so. I have played football for the past fifteen years, extremely hard for the past seven, and now my body is just getting burnt out to be honest.
My academic intelligence has suffered. I can barely put together sentences when I talk to people, let alone write. Already, *Blushes red with embarrassment* I’ve had to use spell check on almost every paragraph I’ve written so far.
But I want to start writing again like I did when I was younger, out of pure interest and love. I will work my regular job and write for fun. I’ve already joined sites such as fan and
Question is, do you think I’m too old to start writing again? I’m twenty five, do you think it’s too dorky? I told my parents this and they just laughed and made fun of me. What should I do? Am I too much of a loser if I choose to stay single, not date women, and live in my own world writing fiction stories?

I am Youth Football coach in Germany, Sportsphysiotherapist, Physical coach and life kinetik coach. I am loocking for a job in Saudi Arabia, Dubai or Qatar.
I worked in the Bundesliga many years.

sorry im kinda ignorant at soccer.. :/

no they play a knock out round before they go into the group stage

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