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this guy (lets call him jay) and i talked a lot over summer and when school started, and the homecoming dance was nearing and people started asking other people to go with them as dates, and my friend asked me with roses and jay saw me with the flowers and a couple of days later he asked who was taking me to the dance and i told him but he never replied. then at school the next day he asked my bestfriend in his class who was taking me, but he already knew because i told him! but he kept asking her who and if he was in my grade, so he seemed really interested and kind of jealous. but when we talk i was positive we were flirting and there was something there. we hung out at a football game and i was positive there was something between us, but then the next week at the football game i saw him sitting next to another girl so i went up and sat with him and part of me felt like a 3rd wheel but then he would talk to me and not her, but something wasnt the same. and after the game i saw him walk with her to the parking lot. she’s 3 years younger than us. and then afterschool the next day i saw them sitting together by the parking lot and i walked by and i feel like since the football game things have been different. he doesn’t make any effort to talk or hang out. we havent really talked for a while. i feel like maybe i read the signs from him wrong and really he’s just a flirty and friendly person but why would he act so jealous about the homecoming dance? we havent talked and when we last did it was brief and not that friendly like it used to be. my friend also told me he’s “talking” to the girl younger than us. right now im thinking i should just not talk to him and if he doesnt make an effort obviously he doesnt care and hes not worth my time but what if he does talk to me? im not gonna wait around for him to realize he wants me or that im here. idk what to do. advice please!!!

Fantasy Football Predictions?

I just have a question for you guys this is just a regular fantasy league. I should have already won this one but figured sproles was gonna outplay Stephen jackson (dumb mistake), anyway i am currently ahead by 1.8 points and I have dwayne bowe left. He has Ryan Mathews. Am i gonna win?

There is this girl that i’ve been talking to recently! casual talks. and recently i suddenly see my slef falling for this girl. so we get to talk more and more everyday in class. we hang out together for the first time outside at the football game (school’s). it was a cold night but we talked and talked and we even held each others hand to prevent the cold weather. then after the game she invites me to a party which is in the next day( Saturday). but i didn’t go cause i was busy. on sunday i send her a message on Facebook and ask her if she wants to study for the psychology test together sometimes this week at the library and she says yes, and we get to talk a little more. at this time everything was normal. but on monday when i see her in the class, and i try to talk to her she just gave me cold and simple answers and walked away from me -_- like she was mad of me or she was trying to ignore me. wth is going on? i have one prediction, is it because she might be on her period? if not then whyyyy?????

Is there anything worse than for a football manager to be given a unanimous vote of confidence by the board? Do you think he should be negotiating his exit package already?

My girlfriend and I are going to Ann Arbor, MI and would like to eat at great local restaurants and see unique local places. We are going there November 17-21, 2011. We are going for the Nebraska vs. Michigan football game….any great ideas or places we can look for ideas?

Fifa 12 Anger?!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

I was really good at Fifa 11, I could play on World Class and beat practically everyone. Now that Fifa 12 has come out I hate it. I can barely even win on professional. It seems as though the teams that are supposed to be hard to beat (ManU, Chelsea, etc) are easy to beat and the shitty teams are hard as **** to beat. Anyone else have these problems?

Live Watch Football Match?

Live Champion League Football Match of Barcelona?

i saw that whole Chelsea club are fully Focusing in Champions League are you think only Chelsea have the Power to Beat Barcelona… i hope so, i judged by previous Chelsea Vs Barcelona Meetings…

Ok so I am a junior and 16 years old, and have been in public school my whole life. I recently moved to a new school and hate it. Everyone does drugs and drinks and everytime I walk into a classroom, a different group of girls talk about how they did it was like 5 guys in the past two weeks. It’s a ghetto school pretty much. Like seriously, everyone there is just just so immature. My mom said I had a choice, to go to regular school, or to take an online high school for senior year. I reallty think an online school would be better for me. I already considered things I would miss out on. I would miss senior prom, I wouldn’t be socializing much with those people. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized those are not the type of people I want to socialize with anyway. All my friends are back at my old school. Those are the people I want to socialize with. People like me who aren’t into being stupid. So I decided maybe online school is the way to go. I understand high school is an important experience, but I already had three years of it. Because of who I am, and what my morals are, I am pretty sure there’s nothing that can happen in senior year that I haven’t experienced as a sophmore or a freshman, or this year as a junior. I mean I never had drama, I never plan on doing any type of drug or drinking. I don’t plan on getting involved in a relationship in high school because I’ve seen how high school boys can be and honestly I’m not wasting my time with that one. I will still go to football games at dances at my old school. Maybe even prom if one of my friends invites me. I’ll still go on shopping trips with some friends and have tons of sleepovers and whatever. It’s not like I’m going to turn into a social pariah. ISo yes, I was wondering if anyone has more info on online high schools and can give me a hand finding a good one that is actually legit. Where I can get everything I need to move onto college and get all the benefits of a regular high school education. not a place for people who flunked out or failed, because I do get good grades. Just a place for people who don’t care for all the worthless drama that comes with stupid callow teenagers. Thanks :)

Hiii I’m 15 and I met some people on holiday around the same age as me who stayed in my hotel, I didn’t speak to them much, but I did once or twice but I want to find them! I know his first name and his sisters first name and how old they both were, his name is a very common name though:/ I know what football team they supported and I have an idea on where they could be from, they had like cockney accents! I know which airport they flew too and when they left the hotel. I also know what surname the room was booked under at the hotel, but I’m not sure if they will have the same surname! I have added a girl i met on holiday too, and she knows the names of some people that left for the same flight as who I’m looking for, and her sister spoke to them, so may have more information! But I don’t know!! I’ve attempted to look on facebook by typing in their first name and what city i think they are from, but the searching is endless!!:( There must be an easier way! Someeeeoneee please helpppp:(

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