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I hung out with my friend who’s a senior yesterday. We’re on the same soccer team and we’re good friends but we don’t really hang out that much outside of team events. So I didn’t really know how she acted with her closer friends until yesterday.
We ended up meeting up with three more people. One is girl who’s a junior and I’m kinda friendly with, one was a guy who just graduated high school who i met once, and one was a guy who also just graduated high school and never met. I’m a sophomore so hanging out with guys who already graduated was a bit awkward for me. But then they started talked about very sexual and crazy things, which made the situation worse. The talked about crazy parties where they got completed wasted, getting high, having threesomes, F**king people… things like that.
I was the only person there that was a virgin, never got high, and never smoked. I do drink occasionaly, but not as much as they do. Also I have never really gotten into serious trouble with the cops, and they have gotten into a lot of trouble with the cops. One of the guys had their license taken away, the girl I’m sorta friendly with was on probation, and the girl I play soccer with has gotten into fights where people had to go to the hospital. There was even one point in the night where everyone was smoking and I was just sitting there awkwardly. I liked being with them and felt awesome that I was hanging out with attractive older guys, but the things that they have done compared to the things I’ve done, made me feel very immature and a “goody two shoes”.
So I don’t know what to do. Should I still be friends with these people? Cause they were really nice and funny, and I guess I kinda like that they live life on the edge…. but they have a very different lifestyle then me?
BQ: Do you think I’m a “goody two shoes” and immature for my age?

Fifa 11 Ultimate Team Help Me Please?

I play fifa 11 on xbox 360 and i was just wondering if anyone can get me started off again because i lost my team. Coins/Players/Fitness Cards anything really if you help me with this i will definitely help you out with something

Touched with ankle avc Arsenal vis-a-vis New York (1-1), Jack Wilshere could miss the friendly match between England and the Netherlands on August 10. The English international medium suffers from a wound with ankle.

i’m a girl, i love volleyball, but i am not very agressive :( so the coaches r always yelling at me 4 that :( anyway’s i want a new sport to play or b in. i really want to be in a sport but i don’t know which ones.. i don’t like soccer, or tennis or high-contact sports like lacross & stuff. No hockey for me :) i was thinking about mayb cross-country? bcuz i like to run! anyways please suggest some sports for me.
btw i’m pretty athletic

Lyon was essential in front of the FC Oporto (2-1) in friendly match in Geneva. Lisandro (8th) and Michel Bastos (81e) registered the goals of the OL. Ruben Micael (11th) had equalized for the Dragons, dominators on the whole of the match, who butted against excellent Rémy Vercoutre.

The FC Bruges is the first leader of the championship of Belgium after its broad success (5-0) on Westerlo at the time of the 1st day.

The team of female France of less than 17 years was beaten 1 to 0 by Spain, holding of the title, finally of the Euro-2011, Sunday with Nyon.Cette demolished is all the more cruel for Bleuettes, in tears with the final whistle, that the Spanish goal was marked by Pomares at the time of 3rd and last minute of additional time, whereas one moved towards the meeting of the shootings to the goal. A little earlier, Germany had taken the third place by crushing Iceland (8-2).

Does This Guy Like Me Or Not?

We’ve been speaking online for 5/6 months now we met in a uni forum randomly. We used to message each other everyday and we found out we had a lot in common . We’ve spoken about our families, goals, football,, college, places to visit , childhood ..He remembers stuff I’ve said we have the same goals. We both got into the same uni but I told him I might not get in but I think I will now. I live in Ireland him England. The messages are pretty much back and forth. He seems to like it when once I said I missed talking to him then he ask me if I’m missing him and seemed happy if I say I do and say he misses me when I asked him if he did he waited for me to say I missed him first. Then another time he replied to a message from yesterday an asked me advice an its about a girl that likes him thats liked him and hes only sees her as a friend and it the girl asked him to catch up messaged him on facebook an he doesn’t want to lead her took him ages for her to get the message he just wants to be friends.. Hes asked what he should do( I don’t have him on facebook) . I told him he could maybe see her but make it clear that they’re going as friends. or not go . He only wants to be friends hes not go anymore hes not going now he finds her too pushy He speaks about everything with me he really values my opinion, and tells me about everything. I asked him a random question and he said is this one of your random question again you and your randomness ;) and I said you love my random questions and he said of course I loves your randomness;) it what makes you so interesting and exciting to talk to :D ”. Is he trying to tell me hes single and doesn’t like anyone else?He said the girls annoying him now asking him out for her birthday . I asked if I can add him on facebook he said “Yeah you can add me on facebook but I don’t really use it for pictures and status updates like everyone else does. I only use it to send messages and to keep in contact with friends :) ”.

So, I’m gonna be a freshman next year, and I wanted to know if I should join football or XC, cuz you can only do one sport. I’ve played football with my friends after school and stuff, and I’ve been in a few 5k and 10k races, and I usually finish in the top 3. I’m 5’6, and 115 lbs, which are a little above avg. height for where I live, so I don’t really have to worry about people being too much bigger than me.

Wesley Sneijder did not draw aside the possibility of joining Manchester United after the defeat of Inter vis-a-vis Manchester City (3-0) in friendly match.

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