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Iam 21 years old and in my hometown i am a local legend since i am the best soccer player in my local team. most guys would describe me as the type of guy who has it all money,talent, a good physical conditon and what he does. guys are friendly to me but most women i have encounterd dislike and are repelled by me. one girl even said about me “Daniel is not hideous, but then again he is not something i would like to stare at”
i had a heart to heart a few days ago with an old female friend of mine and she said to me that i lack charm, a striking personaltiy and the looks. in terms of personality people would escribed me as being “reserved”, “homely” “quiet” and “humble”
Does this go to show you that it does not matter what you acheive or even if your a legend if you have a funny looking face girls will not give you the time of day. i am short at 5ft6 as well.
What should i do? Looks seem to be a big deal breaker

fifa 11

Put a plaster on it for now- once its been around 2months, just take it out for the game then put it back in. Make sure you clean it everytime! :) xxxxxxxxx

Inability To Urinate!!! Help!?

Hey, I’m a 17-year-old female, and I have been having a HUGE problem that has persisted for over a year now– chronic urinary retention (or repetitive inability to pee). It started when I was 16. I had driven to a soccer tournament and REALLY had to pee in the car… except when I got to the tournament, I wasn’t able to go. Nothing I could do could help me pee, I couldn’t even get a couple drops out. I played the next soccer game and tried not to think about it, but the pain in my bladder became so extreme that my dad rushed me to the hospital. I was catheterized, and tested for UTI, but all the tests came back negative. They simply gave me antibiotics, and sent me on my way. I thought the problem was fixed– I was able to pee just fine for about a week– but then one day, when I REALLY had to go again, I absolutely couldn’t. I sat on the toilet for hours, and was finally able to get it out, bit by bit. This same scenario has repeated tons of times– I have to pee, I can’t, and I have to sit on the toilet until I can go– and now these episodes are becoming more and more frequent. :( . The strange thing was, is that I had started taking Yaz birth control about the time that these episodes began, so thinking that that was the problem, I went off the pill… But nothing changed. To help myself pee, I’ve tried ice, warm baths, running faucet, etc., and nothing really seems to work. I just have to wait excruciating hours until I can pee again. But recently, two months ago, I was on vacation and was faced with another retention episode. I thought this would be just like the others, and diminish after a few hours, but it didn’t. It became so painful, that I had to go to the infirmary and get catheterized AGAIN. By this point, my parents and I were freaking out. About a month ago, we saw a urologist. He gave me a prescription for Vesicare– a drug that lessens the feel of needing to pee, but that hasn’t helped at all. I still pee about every half hour of the day, if not more, and the episodes haven’t quit. He gave me a cystocopy (a procedure that analyzes the anatomical make-up of your bladder, to check for physical problems), but THAT turned up negative, too. Suffice to say, this defect is RUINING MY LIFE. I’m afraid to leave home and go on car trips of vacations, because I’m afraid that I’ll be faced with another retention episode and won’t be able to go. It’s painful, and I really don’t know what to do. Is anyone dealing with a similar problem, or is there a professional, that can give me some legitimate advice?? I’m running out of options, and since I’ve had this problem for over a year now (and with it getting progressively worse) I feel that my bladder may be facing permanent damage. PLEASE HELP!!

The team of female France qualified itself for the first time for the quarterfinals of the World 2011 after her victory over Canada (4-0) Thursday in Bochum and that of Germany vis-a-vis Nigeria in Nigeria (1-0).

Last week while playing football I took a nasty hit to my leg, just below my knee on the shin bone. It was excruciating for a while and very tender for a few days, but besides a slight reddening of the area (which dissappeared) there was no visible injury.
Now around a week later I have felt this horrible twinge under the skin when walking. Its hard to describe how it feels. It doesn’t hurt exactly but its very uncomfortable and it is concerning me. After feeling it I think there is some sort of fluid deep under the skin; if I press on one spot, another spot swells and causes the weird sensation; it feels a bit like an artery /vein or something is popping up, but it might be something totally different, like inflammation, pus or maybe blood? just feels like that to me… Hard to explain.
Sorry to type so much, anyone have any ideas on what has happened?

Should I Join High School Football?

To start off im gonna be a senior next year. Im only 128 pounds 5’5 age 17 and have really weak arms however my legs are huge. People told me to join just to play as corners cuz i run fast but with low stamina. I was thinking of trying out when the time comes and this is all new to me meaning i’ve never played a full game football before.
So what do you guys think should i or pass

Hi does anyone know if there are any football manager games due to be released on the DS, I know they made one a few years ago called ‘football director’, but surely there has to be more, a football management game would be perfect for the DS as you could take it anywhere.
Are Sega thinking about bring football manager to the nintendo DS? I really hope so

Nfl Football This Year?


3.95 Gpa
my rank slipped from 10 to 16 out of 570 Juniors (might slip more) top 3 %
Full AP schedule
Senior class president
President of science Research Club
VP of Neuroscience Club
VP of Hosa
Secretary of Science Honor Society
A Member of: Doctors without Borders, LEO, Interact club, Robotics and Engineering, NHS
Played football as a freshman
I made it in AP Competition Government (required try outs)
I won third place in the state Neuroscience competition
1st place in HOSA (Health Occupation Students of America) creative problem solving
My Biomedical debate team got 4th place in the HOSA Nationals competition in Anaheim , California against 48 states
730 on SAT chem ( Im going to take SAT Math II)
I haven’t taken the SAT yet but I’m aiming for 2100+
and on top of it all I’m not Asian or Indian haha
I’m Lebanese currently living in Arizona and my life story is interesting. I was part of a revolution ,evacuated on an aircraft carrier and I’ve experienced many other unique scenarios .I’ve had an internship with a heart surgeon in Lebanon for 4 summers now.+ How is the financial aid at Duke?

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