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Hi, thanks for the help! Here are some additional details:
Well, first of all, I DON’T care about getting far in it and going to the Olympics. I just want to have fun and do something I actually enjoy! I also don’t care if the sport fits my body type! The sports I’m deciding between are gymnastics, figure skating, and volleyball. If it factors into your decision, other sports I was interested in were dance (like ballet or jazz), running, cheer leading, and… well, that’s pretty much it. I’ve played soccer since I was about three or four, and I’m twelve now. After eight years of playing (I started competitive two years ago), I finally quit! Although I may still play recreational soccer in the fall instead of year round, I just got really tired of it! Now I’m deciding what I want to play this year- and hopefully the following years! Performing is fun for me, although I’m kind of shy. I LOVE the arts and theater and dance and all that. Like I said before, performing is fun! But so is hard, sweaty work like soccer. I’ve also thought about taking piano or singing lessons. I tried guitar when I was younger, but I only like electric. I had to learn acoustic first. Didn’t enjoy that, so I quit. But don’t factor that in except that I like music!
So… volleyball, gymnastics, or figure skating? Please help- I just can’t decide myself! Which do you think fits my personality the best and I’ll enjoy most overall? I’m tough but girly and I love to have fun! If you think I’ll like something even better, feel free to include that answer too! Thanks for your help!
In your answer, please include how many days a week you need to practice to be good/really good if possible. Thanks- again! Also, I may do piano and/or singing lessons. Maybe even some acting.

I really dont feel like waiting 5 months for a game

Ok, so my best friend and I have grown apart because she is usually so busy with soccer and all her activities. She is know best friends with 2 of my other friends, one who is really popular, Jaclyn (well, we all are) and one who is on her soccer team, Brittani. Brittani and my “best friend” are even married on fb. Alot of my friends have been not really been excluding me, but not inviting me to go places with them like they used to. So I was wondering how to get revenge (like by getting a new best friend to make her jealous) or how to get my best friend back.
BTW: I am really close with my “best friends” younger sister because we are on the same swim team.

The defender of the FC Barcelona, Martin Caceres, signed Tuesday a four year old contract with the FC Seville. The Andalusians exercised the option to buy of 1,5 million euros.

hi, thanks in advance for any answers.
My question basically is, how to deal with this sort of situation?
Here’s the story, today I was in a bar with a friend (im 18, my friends a little older). We went into the bar and he bought a pint. Then a burly looking man of mid to late 40′s came over and started to talk to us. This was fine, he seemed harmless enough, if a little drunk. He was mainly talking to my friend about different things. My friends tattoo, the recent football match and the fact that my friend is gay (the man asked if I was my friends girlfriend.)
I kinda stayed out of the conversation, it was about stuff that didn’t really interest me.
But occasionally the stranger would try to bring me into the conversation but it was the way he did it that bothered me.
He said stuff like ‘Here, your ignoring this pretty little girl here’ and he randomly said things like ‘You have lovely lips’ (to me) among other creepy things.
This made me a little uncomfortable so I asked my friend if we could leave (subtly) so my friend said yes but he needed to pee first. so he went to the bathroom.
While he was in the bath room, the man moved to my friends seat which was beside me and started talking to me again. Except this time he kept leaning into me and at one stage he SNIFFED my hair. The topic of conversation made me really uncomfortable. He kept talking about my looks and my body. I didn’t really say anything to this and I didn’t encourage him.I subtly told him i have a boyfriend and I tried to pretend like I was texting someone. But he wouldnt let up. Then he started talking about his, shall we call it, manhood? He also kept bringing up the topic of sex. A LOT
By that stage I’d had enough, so I excused myself and went outside, but he followed me!
And he was still TOO CLOSE to me. I mean everytime i moved away, he would move into me until there was very little distance between us.
Thankfully thats when my friend came out and we practically ran from the place!
My question is, how do you deal with someone like that man? He was very strong looking and he had a bit of a temper so I didnt want to upset him?
I’v been chatted up before, but never like this. This was borderline scary!
Sorry for the length, but help is much appriciated and sought after.

Whenever my favourite team plays a soccer/football match, I worry so much! My chest hurts, I become sweaty, and my legs are wobbly. Are there any tips? I am especially worried when my favourite team plays a really weak team, because I am worried that if they lose they are no longer a good team. I am also worried because it is really embarrassing if a good team loses to a bad team. Please help, it is so hard not to think about it! Thanks to all who answer in advance!!!

The Italian attacker Mario Balotelli, touched with a knee Tuesday with the drive, is fixed price for the match against Estonia, qualifier with the Euro 2012. “It is its operated knee.

“Football is a game, not a business”

What Legal Rights Do I Have On This?

I train football everyday at this park next to a sports centre, a couple of weeks ago the owner decided to place blades/barb wires on top of the Astro-pitch fences to block people from coming in on saturday when they’re closed -my guess- , so two days ago me and my friend were playing in the fields, long passing and my ball went over the fence of the astro and inside the astro pitch, the ball cost me £50 and yesterday was a bank holiday so when i came today they said they don’t have the ball… so obviously the people who hired the pitch took it. isn’t it their legal responsibility to check any lost items before letting people step in it? i mean it’s not fair that i lose out on £50.
please someone tell me my legal rights… thanks :)

My mom has always been partial to my brother, so is my father. And I’ve known this ever since a long time ago. I always tell my mom that she is partial to my brother but she always deny it. Both of my parents are like that. I come from a asian, single parent family. My parents were divoced when i was ten. Well, i guess thats not important. My father told me directly that he will distribute 2/3 of his inheritance for my brother and 1/3 for me. He tell me to ask for my mom’s consent. If she disagrees, then the inheritance will be split into half and half. But surprisingly, my mom did not say a word and took my brother’s side. She even told me that im a girl and that im going to marry someone so my last name is not going to be the same. Not only that, every time we get into a fight, i mean a fist fight between my and my brother (1 year older than me). My brother is very violent, he hits me sometimes and i fight back. But my mother will always take his side and make up excuses for him. Every time, at night, i would hear my mother badmouth behind me to her relative saying how bad temper i am. She twists the truth all the time. Everytime, she would say something to instigate me and makes me feel mad and down, then i get really pissed, then she would say i have a bad temper bc of that. For example, yesterday, i told her that my graduation is this saturday. Because i didn’t attend my brother’s graduation last year (she told me to stay at home that day), and then yesterday, she started smirking at me saying that im very pathetic, like a frog under the well, never attended a graduation (which is a grand scene cuz lots of people are there). I told her so what, most people attend graduation for the 1st time, they dont graduate 2nd time out of college. Then she kept smirking with a very annoying laugh, then she was like “i had like to see you walking across the stage with noone screaming for you” Okay, no one screamed for my brother doesn’t mean that no one will scream for me. And then i said “okay! then dont attend my graduation then”…Later that night, she went on the phone and told her relatives that i tell her not to attend my graduation, that im hot tempered…wth ???
And this happend today, my mom made 3 cups of juice, my brother had one cup when he woke up in the morning, and then i drank one cup when i woke up at around 12 pm. Then in the afternoon, I got a little hungry, so i went to the refrigerator, and then took our the extra cup of juice and took a sip of it. My mom saw it and took it away from me and said “this is for your brother” I said “why cannot i drink it” then she lied “cuz he didn’t drink any” then i said “no! you lied, cuz this afternoon, you just asked him if he wants the extra cup of juice” Then she said “this is for your brother when he comes back for exercise” Uh…i exercise too…..
i really dont understand why can a parent be so partial like that, both of my parents, I feel so depressed and frustrated. There are so many things that happened before (a lot more than the ones that i just mentioned) that really broke my heart cuz those things are just wayyy too ridiculous. I feel like there is no one on earth who loves me. no one loves me. I used to think that my mom loves me the most, but no, she doesn’t, she likes my brother better. I dont ask much, i just ask to be equal. How hard is that? A few days ago, my brother even threatens to hit my mother, but my mom never told her relative how her son threatens to fight her and when i mentioned it, she said he was just joking….Obviously he wasn’t cuz he was seriously pissed. I seriously upset right now, i even told my mom that i will never come back after i go to college in 2 months and that im ready to never see her again. I just hate how everything is about my brother and how she is being so partial to him….i ranting this cuz i have no one who i can tell, i really need some counseling on this, hope someone can tell me something, just anything that can make me feel better.

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