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Liga – Corogne – Atletico: 0-1

Thanks to Agüero, Atletico Madrid was essential with Corogne (0-1) at the time of the 34e day of Liga. Colchoneros are 5th. Depor 14th.

Philippe Montanier regretted, after the defeat of Valencians in Paris (3-1), that its defense also showed laxist on the stopped kicks. “One lost the 0-3 match of the stopped kicks

Dutch Swear Words??????????

So my soccer coach is Dutch, and I wanna try swearing in Dutch tomorrow at my tournament and see what happens…. Nothing really bad like the fbomb, stuff like sh!t

What Countries Are Playable On Fifa 11?

The CSF with Blatter

The South American Confederation of football (CSF) confirmed that it gave its support for the Swiss president of the International federation of football (FIFA) Joseph Blatter which aspires to a fourth and last mandate, Saturday at the conclusion of a meeting of the CSF held in Asuncion. “I make a point of saying that South America is unanimous and decided to support the candidature of Joseph Blatter for a new mandate for the head of the FIFA”, the spokesperson of South American football declared, chair Argentinian Federation (AFA) Julio Grondona. “Supported We it since 1998 and we will continue”, added Argentin.Joseph Blatter came to Paraguay in company from the president from the UEFA Michel Platini, to attend the 62e congress of the CSF which should re-elect at its head the Paraguayan Nicolas Leoz Sunday.

Young Kid Not Too Confident In Sports?

Hey everyone,
My little bro just started playing sports (hobby) and he really doesn’t seem to have enough confidence in them. Like if he plays soccer he feels like he should score the goal or in basketball he should dunk the ball in the hoop. I just want him to understand that sports are to have fun! It’s hard to enjoy sports when the kids put’s pressure on themselves (At least in my case and my brothers).What are encouraging words or ways to make it fun and EASY for him?
Thanks :p

Christian Gourcuff, the trainer of Lorient, was severe towards his jouers, however victorious of Lensois (2-3). “We open the score in spite of our timid beginning.

Winner of Valencians to the Park of the Princes (3-1), Paris Saint-Germain returns to height of Lyon (3rd), which will play Sunday in Toulouse.

I have played safety for about 2 years, what are some things that you do to be even better as a safety.. im Free safety this year.

Like in soccer or football.

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