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Hello! I am against sexualized youth {children dressing and acting sexy} and I really want to be an activist against that cause. However, I do not want to sound like a soccer mom that blames it on the media {when its clearly the fault of the parents} only but I do believe that there are a lot of bad things in the media marketed to children {ex. shorts that barely cover the butt for girls 8 and up}. I don’t think its the media’s fault only though, its also the fault of the parents who bought them for their kids but I don’t want to sound way too personal. Please help! I don’t want my organization to be recognized as a soccer mom group!

wen i go to play online in fifa 11 …it asks for a key….plz help me frinds …thanx….

im wondering will i be able to play sport ever again? like football or soccer or basket ball the sport in which i broke my bone playing please help

What do you mean by resemble? If you mean look like,then they often times have something to do directly with the the mascot.

İm trying to sell my 19 week old akita puppy on & i need a good description anything this is what i have come up with 19 Week-Old Boy Akita Puppy For Sale!
Fully Vaccinated, Pedigree & Fully Registered!
Colours = Black, White & Brown
Likes To Play Football And Likes To Run.
Very Playful & Wise.
Please Extend And Make It Better

I’m 15, male and I don’t care for sports. Never have. Yeah sure, if my friends want me to play, why not? It’s just that when I talk to my superiors (adults) they ask me “So what sports you play?” “Oh, I don’t play sports, don’t like them actually” then they go “Really? You’re the only boy I know who doesn’t like sports” I go “Ok….?” I see football players at school getting girls I don’t have ******* chance with. I’m a musician, I play the guitar and saxophone. The only thing I’m into is writing music. I’ve written a lot of songs and pieces… and no one gives a damn. It’s all about the athletes… always them… why?

me and this boy are teenagers. he is on the football team and does wrestling. i have computer ed with him everyday. since i am not out of the closet i’ve been telling people that i am gay. but now this boy is giving me a reaction. i’ve liked him for 5 months+ when ever i go near him he just pats my shoulder and hugs me than walks away like it’s not real. but when we are alone he likes to hover over me all close. than a few days ago he asked if i ever had a boy friend than smiled and walked off. and i keep getting these weird cards on my locker. it’s of a boys hand writing i can tell because it’s messy and has the scent of the very same clone that boy wears. could it be him????

Why Do Guys Only Want To Do Me?

hey everyone, thanks for your help.
i got a problem. guys, even those who are kinda my friends, just want to do me, and they tell me this everyday. i’m a sophmore btw. for example, i sit with one girl and ten guys, all of whom play some kind of sport, mostly football. everyday, they tell me that they want to do me, and beg me to. my best friend (a guy) tells me that in the locker room, guys talk about me.
whenever i walk home, people yell out of cars at me.
And the worst part: it’s just because i’m built like a strippper.
i’m not especially pretty, even though though i do have “exotic” green eyes. I would understand this if i were pretty, but i’m not. obviously.
this is me as of 5 minutes ago… ignore the fact that i kinda look like a bum cause i’m not going out till later tonight.
and im on the right in the hc picture…
so how do i get this to stop and get a guy to like me for who i am?
and what would you think if you saw me walking down the street?

Whats This Movie??football Related?

i don’t know what this movie is called but its about a African America called Ernest and he plays college football. takes place during the 1950-60s i think
whats the title of the movie

Oy. My future sister in law is so so SO obnoxious. She is almost 30 and acts so self absorbed. Conceited. Interested only in herself. Self centered. It is EXHAUSTING to be around. She is having multiple parties. One soon for a football game. I didn’t even know she liked football. I’m sure my fiance and I will make an appearance (it’s his sister) but I just can’t stand being around her.
She will ask me 5,000 “do you love it?” to every detail of her house, while her husband acts like he’s so much better than everyone. He turned into “the loud fat guy” he just never stops acting like his electronics are the best. They aren’t!
I don’t know what to do. I can’t stand being around them. What’s worse is she invitedy fiance’s friends so we will definitely be going.
How do I act pleasant while avoiding being annoyed by her Paris Hilton attitude and the husband shouting every word he speaks and being showy?
Also to be clear, there’s no jealousy. They don’t have anything I don’t have. It’s their attitudes I absolutely can’t stand. It really bothers me that everyone bows down to them when they behave that way.

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